Tips: Look good instantly

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Have you wondered how some people look so good even when they are just wearing something casual and how some look so gross even when they wear good clothes.
Here are a few tips that will help you look good instantly.

1. Wear clothes that fits you:

Baggy clothes may be in fashion but what makes you look good always is the clothes that fits you shoulder to shoulder.Well fitting clothes enhances your personality. Check all the buttons. Sew if one of them has fallen. Remove any extra threads that are coming out of the clothes. The clothes that you are comfortable in will make you look good. 

2. Wear clothes that are well ironed:

Clothes that are well ironed makes you look good. Always make it a point to iron your clothes before wearing it. Well ironed clothes pass a good impression about you to others as compared to clothes that aren't.

3. Manage your hair:

Unruly hair sometimes do look good but not always. You do not want others to look at you and see someone who directly came out of his bed. Always have a comb, handy.Comb your hair. Keep it  clean. Oil it or use hair cream according to your choice.

4. Keep your shoe clean:

Most of the people you meet will look at your shoe even before you shake hands.They are your first impression a person can get about you. Wear shoes that are comfortable. It will boost your confidence. Polish your shoe before leaving your room. A well maintain shoe will not only run longer but also will improve your personality.

5. Hygiene:

If you do not want people to cringe every time they are near you. Put on a deodorant and change your socks often. Know how you want to smell and buy perfumes and deodorant accordingly. Keep your teeth clean. It will help you smile confidently and make you look good in an instant.  

6. A watch:

If you have a watch that defines you, well and good if not its high time you invest on a good watch. This accessory never goes out of style.

7. Posture:

No matter how expensive clothes you wear if your posture isn't good you wont look good. Always have your back straight. Do not slouch when you sit. Carry what you wear with confidence

8. Keep your lips healthy:

Yes a small amount of petroleum jelly can create wonder. No body looks good with chapped lips. Always keep your lips looking good.

Tips: Find out if they are cheating on you

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We keep blaming our fate when we realize that in-spite of the effort we put into our relationship we are betrayed by our partner. They end up cheating on us.Why do they cheat? It can be because of lack of intimacy. Lack of emotional support. Being taken granted of. Loss of effort from both side. Loss of spark. Loss of communication. Third person influencing your partner. Finding comfort somewhere else. Having the feel to conquer new thing. Many such factors can add up that can led to the downfall of your relation.Sometimes one doesn't want to let go of the existing relation nor the extra affair that he or she is having. It is because they are too comfortable in the existing relation and benefiting in one way or the other. They are selfish enough to only think about themselves. Here are a few tips to find out if your partner is cheating on you.

1. Phone:

Their phone is always on silent mode when you are around. They do not leave phone any where near you. They have passwords that you do not know. They will either keep all the records extra clean. Their call logs, their messaging apps, their social sites will be locked. They change password very often.

2. Their whereabouts: 

They will be very secretive about their whereabouts. They will always have some urgent work to do. They ignore your calls and make an excuse later on.You never know where the person is. If they some how get caught they know a real good story that will make you believe.

3. They put the blame on you:

When you try to talk or question them they get angry or start crying saying "you are way to possessive, controlling  you do not trust" e.t.c . They talk about personal space being hacked by you. When you know it isn't that way. You are made to feel like you did wrong by not trusting them

4. You hardly know their friends/family:

They will try their best to keep you away from their friends or family. It is always like they have new friends they talk about and tell you how they were in trouble and need their help. Their friends and family will know about their relation so if they are cheating on you that means they aren't looking for the relation to end in a marriage so there is no point to introduce you or not introducing would also be a way to keep you away from knowing their true nature.

5. Intuition:

Always trust your intuition. You always feel it even before you think that the person is cheating on you. When you feel off about something trust yourself it really is off. You wouldn't feel it just like that there is something wrong with the vibe that hits your conscience to make you realize.

Look for it in your relationship and do what is best. You can forgive them and strengthen your relation by putting more effort or you can walk away with your head held high.

Tips: Good table etiquette

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Table manners or etiquette actually define you. How refine you are? How generous you are to your fellow partners? We live in an era where appearance matter. But it makes no sense that you only look gentleman and a lady but don't act like one. Table manners are for you to take your personality a step higher. Be presentable at all events. People with good table manners are always invited rather than those who aren't considerate to their fellow mates. Here are a few tips that will help you to be more presentable. Look for the common mistakes that we do while eating its time we correct them.

1. Host:

Always remember that there actually is a person who invited you. Therefore things there will be according to the plan the host or the hostess has made. Do not be impolite by trying to show you are better at doing it. Even if you are in restaurant wait for the host to ask you what you would like. Be generous with your choice when someone else is paying. Just the way you would like them to do when they are paying. In a formal dinner always look at the host for the hint to begin the eating process, to be seated e.t.c. . To begin eating he or she will probably put the napkin on their lap or for the sitting down as you are designated a position wait for her to tell you to sit.
If you are the host reach the place before them your invited guest.

2. Time: 

If you are invited to a dinner never be late as it usually has other guests too. If some how you are going to be late let the host know so that she will begin the program without delaying it. If you are to leave early do let the host know so that she can do preparation accordingly for one wouldn't like to return you empty. When you go do not go empty hand yourself take something for the host.

3. When at a table:

  • Always wait for the host to let you know where to sit if the position isn't already designated. You do not want to be told to get up for someone else.As you sit down take the hint  from the host to put down the napkin or if its an informal meeting you can do so as you sit down. 
  • Know your utensils well. If it is a formal dinner there will be more than one utensil in front of you. Do not confuse wine glass for a water glass. If you are in confusion wait for others to begin.  Usually the spoon and forks are placed there to be used from out to in according to the dishes prepared. There will be an extra spoon or fork or may be together that will be used for the desert.
  • Always know that what is served in a flat utensil uses fork and what is served in a bowl a spoon is used. Do not mix it around. 
  • Keep the spoon after stirring the tea on the saucer not on the plate.
  • Do not keep your elbows on the table while eating but you can rest them on table when the utensils aren't there and you are having a conversation.
  • Eat with a closed mouth. Put in manageable bites and shallow it before you answer the question that is put forwarded to you.
  • Do not converse with forks and spoon on your hand.When you aren't eating or are speaking with someone, two following styles can be taken into consideration according to you feasibility:
  • Continental Style or the inverted V style: All you have to do is to  place the knife and fork on your plate near the center, slightly angled and in an inverted V and with the tips of the knife and fork pointing towards each other.

  •  American Style:  Here you have to put the knife on the top right of your plate with its rim facing inward with the fork nearby with its tines up.
  • When you pass the dishes always use the counter clock direction.
  • Always ask someone to pass the dishes that aren't in your reach instead of leaning on the table to get it.
  • Always cut a single piece or two of slice of food that requires slicing, finish it and cut again.
  • Close the menu and keep it a little further so the waiter understands to come for the order.
  • Look at the waiter rather then calling him by weird gestures. If you have the bell that is a savior.
  • If you encounter food that doesn't suit your taste always remember that food is supposed to be removed from the mouth in the manner in which it was put into the mouth. Food put into the mouth with a utensil is removed with a utensil. When fingers are used to eat food is removed with fingers. Always cover your mouth while doing so.
  • Even if you are served food you do not like always make an effort to take a bite rather then bluntly saying no.
  • Control your yawn. It does happens sometimes. If you cannot control excuse yourself and cover your mouth.
  • Manage your posture. Sit well.
  • Smell good. Change your dirty socks. Go well groomed. Take care of your appearance.
  • Always excuse yourself when you leave the table for any reason. It is a  polite way to leave the table.
  • Turn off your electronic devices or put it on silent mode to avoid disturbances to the dinner. 
  • It is advisable to women not to apply lip color before food to avoid leaving lipstick marks on glasses and napkins. Also they should do their touch up away in private. Never play with their hair when seated on the table. 

4. When you are done eating:
  • After each course is finished. Now you have to place the knife and fork parallel with the handles in the four o'clock and tips 11 o'clock position on the right rim of the plate. You should gently remove your napkin and fold it in a way that hides away the dirty spots you created while eating.

5. Gestures:

Always thank the host for the invitation and say you enjoyed the food. Also make an effort to send them a "Thank you" note with in a day or two. You can send an Email too.

Tips: Ignite the lost spark

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Every relation has its own ups and downs. Every once in a while we feel like we lost the passion that was there in the beginning. This is a phase that comes in a relationship. The digital world makes it even worse. Just know that this phase will end the way you want it to. If you want to move out because it no longer is as it used to be or stick to it and make it work. Here are a few tips that will help you ignite the lost spark in your relationship.

1. Communicate:

Today lets come out of the digital world and face the person and talk.Talk about your day. Talk about yourself. Talk about the weather. Talk about anything and everything.  When was the last time you talked about your future together, made plans for the weekend? Today leave your phones behind and go for a walk and talk about your day, your dreams, what you are aspiring for, your short term goals, hold hands look into your partner's eyes and talk. Do this in a  regular basis. Talk about the changes you want in your relationship, cut off the negative effects that is making your relation dull.

2. Physical gestures:

Touch, kiss, hug the person often. Your gestures will help your heart to spark the lost feeling. Kiss as often and long. Give surprise kisses. Watch them blush. Hug whenever possible. The tighter you hug the better you feel. Hold hands while walking or crossing the road. Hold hands while watching a movie might sound awkward after  five six years of relation but why change love should grow with time not decrease.

3. Talk about past:

Not the past filled with mistakes but the past when you both met. Talk about how little things you did mattered. Remember your first kiss. Talk about how you felt the butterflies and still get when you think of that day. Talk about the promises you made. Cherish those moments. Congratulate for the years you stuck to each other in-spite of all the hurdles. Tell your partner how little things they used to do, meant so much to you. Remind each other of how you both felt back then. How you considered yourself lucky for having the significant other. Yes as time moved on we realize certain things about our partners but that doesn't change who they are. So keep loving the way you used to. Try to put more efforts than you did.

4. Surprise:

Plan a surprise for your partner. No, it doesn't have to be a birthday party. May be by gifting something they have been longing for or some flowers or may be just by cooking something they love. Everybody loves how you put efforts for them. This will help you feel good about your partner and you can feel some tiny spark flying between you two.

5. Learn to flirt:

each other. Do not just think that they understand. Compliment them for how beautiful or handsome they look . Pass some flirtatious comment to them. Make them blush like you used to.

6. Say out loud:

Make it a point to say "I LOVE YOU" at least once a day and do it verbally.Let your partner know that you mean it by putting efforts on the relation. This is something that you should do very often let them know they are loved. We sometimes take people for granted and regret it later. To prevent it you should always confess your love. This will also stay as a reminder to the partner and they will feel good and put more effort in return.

7. Dance:

No, you do not have to join a salsa class or be an amazing dancer all I meant was put some romantic song, pull your partner close look into their eyes and just sway with the beats. This will help you increase the passion. You can even role play to ease away into romantic feels.

8. Do something new together:

Learn a new thing together. May be a new language or a new exercise or may be cook. Learn and help each other. This will help you spend quality time together and also you will have a common thing to talk about.

9. Be mysterious:

Sometimes a open book drags no attention even if it much better than the close one. Similarly keep secrets that your friend would long to know. This will keep them interested in you. When you are telling them how your day went tell them just the highlights so that they long to hear it all. Plan an outing alone. Go places alone that will make you partner wonder what you are doing and where.

10. Date:

Plan and organize a proper date or the kind you used to by going to the place you went for your first date. Say to your partner to be ready for the date. They will look forward to it. Do things like you did on that day. Walk holding hands.Buy her some flowers and chocolates. Do this more often. Relive your olden days when you both were head over heals for each other. Laugh about how you were so mad in love. Make memories to look upon.

Tips: Simple and easy nail art designs

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  Nail arts have made a way in today's day to day life of our beautiful girls and wonderful ladies. Nail arts indulges your creative juice. You can come forward with any designs and put them down on nails. People have a theme for nail arts.Some choose festival seasons,some put down their imaginations. This has taken the fashion industry by storm. But not every one can do it. Some stick stickers and some just to nail colors. Here is a few easy designs that you can do yourself with just the basic nail colors.

Items required:
1. A base coat.
2.A top coat.
3. Nail colors whichever you want.
4. A nail art  if you do not have it you can use a used color pen. Just dip it in the color you want.

1. Half nail, nail art:

1. Apply base coat so that your nails look shiny.
2. Use nail colors that contrast each other. Here I've used black and white.
3. Color half portion of your nail. 
4.And add a lighter color from above(or vice versa).
The design is very simple. All you have to do is select a color and out line the previous color and give some extra strokes.
5. Lastly go for a top coat. That will add and extra shine on it and also protect your nail color.

2.The crown nail art:

First apply base coat and nail color you like.
Then draw two lines. Keep some gap at the end.
Draw three to four dots on the top line.
Outline the dots in semi circle way.
Then make cross starting from the semi circles.. 
Let the cross dry for a while and you can give touch up  at the point of intersection by another color, if you have you can use glitters.
And end it with the top coat.

3. The mirror nail art:

Here I have tried mixing different colors.
What you can do is chose colors that u want to mix .
1. Start with the base coat.
2. Drop  a drop of the colors you have chosen and you can either use a brush to spread them or some sweet wrappers (press the wrapper on your color).
3. Use the top coat.

4. Playful lines nail art:

Its just matter of few lines.
But make sure you know where to put them.
1. Maintain the gaps between the two lines.
Do not forget your top and base coat for extra shine and protection.

Tips: Stress free life

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Have you recently started feeling tired all the time. Wanting to give up. Just understand that having a stress free life is a myth but making one is definitely possible. You have to create a stress free life. The life you want to live. Here are point that will help you get a stress free life.
 1. Do not compare:

You cannot compare your life with highlights of other. They had fought their own battles to reach there and who knows they might be still fighting to stay there. So never feel bad about yourself, about your life by comparing your life. The grass grows greener when you water them. So stop looking at some one else's garden and decorate your. You will achieve things when it is time for you.

2. Set goals:

Goals will help you keep yourself motivated . Keep both short term goals and long term goals. You will have a purpose to look forward to achieving things with set goals. Keep your own to do lists. Sort them according to their like tasks. Write them down and cross them every time you fulfill something. Treat yourself accordingly.

3. Remove the clutter: 

It is time that you realize that it isn't  just one thing that will make your stressful rather little things that add up. Make peace with your relationships, sort things out, talk to your partner.
Make peace with your values, always remember what you do always will have a choice so chose the one that will help you be at peace. Remember your priorities. Provide your attention accordingly. If the coming exam or an interview is stressing you, learn your paper well, put an effort, invest time or do learn some conversation tricks, manage your attitude. You have to provide your time to things one at a time. That way your result will be good.

4. Learn to handle money:

You do not want to be broke at the very beginning of the month. So learn to handle money matters well. We end up using more money when we are with friends. You need not be so generous to keep the wrong ones rather your good friends will help you save money by splitting the bills, paying for their share. Learn to save money even if its just a few bucks in the beginning always remember tiny drops of water fills the bucket.

5. Realize:

Some times life will get stuck. You will feel like giving up but always remember that happiness has to be created and shared. Learn to laugh as often as possible. You can also subscribe to jokes pages to help you.Be happy and understand that not all battles are worth fighting. People do mistakes and they learn to overcome it to. No one is perfect we all have blundered once or twice in our lives that is how we learnt the lesson for next time.

6. Spend time with yourself:

The best thing to do is to spend time with yourself. Understand the reason of your stress try to lessen them . Meditate, drink healthy tea, relax once in a while. Listen to music. Do what makes you relaxed.

7. Manage timings:

Manage your timing for eating and sleeping. Your body cannot function as it should if you are missing either of the two. Have a particular time to eat and sleep. The more sound sleep you get the happier you wake up.

8. Music:

Have some music in your playlist that will help you relax. Some music for example of a flute, piano, violin e.t.c that will take off the burden off your shoulders. Music are also very helpful to fall asleep.

9. Meditate:

Learn the art of meditation it will help keep yourself calm from the outer pressure. Have a specific place with or without music. Focus on your breathing. Inhale and exhale in a rhythm . Bury your past that drags you down.

10. Exercise:

Always take some time for yourself do stretching, running, or may be join the gym. Apart from sleeping doing exercise also help you fight the stress. Take a shower with warm water or cold if you prefer these will help you wash away the stress that accumulated through out the day.