Tips: Look taller instantly

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Looking younger than our age may be one of the plus point of being short but at times it is really hard to ignore that being short sucks. Sometimes tall people unknowingly make others look short and decrease their self esteem even if the difference is of a few inches but do not worry here are some tips that can help you look tall instantly.

1. Posture: 

Poor posture positions cause your belly to protrude, giving you a  big belly image and slumping over makes you appear shorter than you are. Standing up straight will correct these issues and improve your appearance. So improve your posture to look inches tall instantly.

2. Vertical over horizontal:

When you go out shopping next time ditch the horizontal striped clothes and choose vertical it will make you look taller and leaner.

3. V neck tops and short sleeves:
Befriend V neck tops so that your neck looks long and it will help you draw attention to your upward to your face and short sleeves exposes your skin making you look tall.

4. Belts and bags:

No matter how comfortable the big bags are, if you want to look tall you need to ditch them and adjust with smaller, cuter bags and slimmer belts this will give your body more visibility and make you look taller.

5. Knee length or full length:

The only option you have with your clothes is either you wear above your knee length or something long like maxi that covers you till your foot. There is no in between for you. Shorter the clothes taller you look.

6. Monochrome color:

If you want to look tall then wear monochrome color from top to toe. Color contrast will make you look small. 

7. Pointy flats:

Heels are saviours in a few occasions but one cannot wear heels all the time so its time you invest in pointy flats which creates the illusion and makes you look tall.You can get some help to look tall by choosing the right color, shoes in neutral color, nude color, black, tan, brown and grey.

8. Hair:

 If you really want to look tall then it is time you chop off your long hair and keep it so. As shorter hair makes you look tall.If you cannot cut your hair then all you need to do is tie your hair up in a high ponytail.

Tips: For a fun filled Halloween

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Halloween is about trick or treat attending costume parties, carving pumpkins into jack o lanterns lighting bonfires, playing pranks, visiting haunted places, telling scary stories and watching horror films. Here are a few tips that can help you have a fun filled Halloween.

1. Costume:

Get your gang together and have a theme to follow. Get some cool dresses according to the theme you choose.If you are hosting a party let your guest know about the theme for the party and you can even keep some prizes for the winners.

2. Makeup:

Halloween is all about the costume and makeup and it will be incomplete without a flattering makeup to carry your dress well. Choose the kind of makeup your dress requires.

3. Decoration:

What is a Halloween without decoration?Have new ideas and utilise them so that your house looks different than all other decorated houses. You can carve pumpkins in a different way then you usually do. Use lots of lights, colors, balloons, eerie stuffs as cobwebs, spiders, skeleton and many more.

4. Music:

Even when you are at home or out leave the spooky music on it will add on to your party's fun and theme and will also excite the ones that come for trick and treat.

5. Trick or treat:

Get  creative with your treats. Why don't you make all your treats on your own. From chocolate candies to little gifts take some time and have fun this Halloween.