Tips: Things a woman must stop doing

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When I say a woman shouldn't do such things I do not mean to a part of a patriarchal society who imposes a lot of restrictions on a woman. Trust me even I believe that woman should have right to do everything that she thinks she can do. Here are a few things that a woman should stop doing for a better life.
 1. Stop putting another woman down:

It is high time that we realise that we cannot reach a higher position by putting another woman down. You may feel good for a while but the guilt will stay as long as you can remember. How you treat a person actually shows how you are rather than how they are.

2. Ditching friends for boyfriend:

A common mistake, a woman tends to make. Never let go off your friends. In order to have a good relationship, a relationship that runs long you should know that you both need a life apart from each other's company. You do not want to left feeling lonely when he goes out with his boys and is busy to call you or guilty of always clinging on him. Have friends who support you in your thick and thin.

3. Bitching about your girlfriend:

Trust me you do not want to have such friends who aren't trustworthy at you back. Most women tend to do so and break ages of friendship. Now a days friendships are also formed on a basis of having a same person to dislike and you go hour and hour trying to break that woman's image. What do you get? Mere satisfaction. But remember there are more people who have already thought of you as a wrong person rather than the one who you were talking about. She is the best person to go to a conversation if you aren't satisfied with something rather than the whole world. She will respect you more.

4. Compromising too much

It is ok to compromise a little and adjust but when you compromise to an extent you do not remember what you are worth of
. It is indeed time to walk away of the relation, the friendship, the engagement or your marriage. Always know that it is not a good relation when you are always at the compromising end. Always know what worth you are and respect it.

5. Not staying true to your words:

It is ok to change mind as often as one does but once you say something stay true to it. Fulfill  the little promises you make to your siblings, to your friend. Be there if you said you will. Speak less if you cannot stay true to what you say. Mean what you  say. Let people respect you for what you say. Value your own words.

Tips: Things a lady must have

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Are you up for shopping again? This time utilise your money in buying something a lady must have. Yes, if you are a rash buyer too we do not realise before we use all our money yet not buy what we actually needed and not wear what we end up buying. It is time you actually understand what are the things you must have. You have to shine out in the crowd and it will only happen when you have the right things with you. Here are a few things that you must definitely own.

1. A casual day pair:

A plain tee shirt of basic colours like black, white or even grey. A comfortable denim and of course comfortable shoes or if you prefer flats. You can add up light jewellery like a silver chain or an ear stud for a casual day out. 

2. A little black dress:

Even if you are not the party going type of girl investing in a black dress will never be a loss. Know your body type and buy a dress that actually compliment your body.If you are too shy wearing a dress invest in an net or normal tights that will basically cover you up. But if you are wearing a tights go for shorter dress it will look better. A little black dress compliments short heights girls too. 

3. A watch:

A watch will improve your elegance. Therefore choose a piece that is elegant in itself, this will not only help you look at time easily as you cannot keep holding your phone on your hand every time but also help you look a little more gracious. It can sometime be a reason to strike a conversation with you too. You never know the next person who inquires the time may be your soulmate.

4. Signature perfume:

You can jump from one to another until you find the one that actually defines you. Do not go for a common one you do not want your friends to get confused someone else for you as perfumes remind people of you. So go for one time investment and finalise it. Then see the miracle of how people know you are coming even when you are half a mile away. Perfumes are magical.

5. Signature item:

 You can choose from so many things like a necklace, a ring, a hair clip or may be customise it according to your choice. A signature item actually help you stand out as it is something you always wear.

6. Feet's friends:

Time to invest on a pair of comfortable casual shoe, a running shoe, a boot, a sexy heel, crocs of choice and a flat. These are something you must have for all your moods also if you have shoe fetish adding a few more will never harm.

7. Hanging friends:

Your closets hanger should at least contain an overcoat, a well fitting coat, a denim jacket and a leather piece. Your hangers must have at least two bags of different sizes, a clutch, a sling bag. finally the belt.

8. Pants:

Denims are for all season. Have variety of it. From flared to well fitted. The trending fashion always help so upgrade with the change and also know you have the ability to make it a fashion of what you wear.

9. Formals:

A formal pant, a white shirt, a pencil skirt and a dress will help you solve all your urgency for formals. Team it up with the coats you have.

10. Make-up:

Know the right shade of creams, foundation, lipstick and shadow that will compliment you and make you look more pretty. Also always have a straightener and curler handy you can change the way you look by just a few strokes of these.

Tips: Declutter your life

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Are you all caught up? Do you feel hopeless? Are you looking for an escape to nowhere? We usually feel low at some point of the time. We tend to feel that life has become monotonous and everything is out of control, out of order. You feel chaotic in and out. Sleep is not an easy task. Here are a few tips that could actually help you the way it helped me. The secret is to find calm in midst of the chaos and reduce the chaos is to begin with small steps and soon you will realise how these changes help you make peace with yourself.
 1. Clean your table:

The first thing you should begin with is by cleaning your side table, study table, your office table and remove the things that are of no use or of least use. We do not throw away things because of the thought that we might need it someday but trust me we never do. So do not hesitate to throw away things that you no longer use.

2. Make your bed:

Make your bed as soon as you are out of it. It will not only give you the feeling of an achievement of the very first task of the day but also help you feel fresh as compared to the days you leave your bed unmanaged.

3. Clean your closet:

Its time to make your closet a little more organised as it will help you find your things when you need them and also make your day when you find what you are looking for. When you clean your closet, you will come across clothes that no longer fits you, the ones you no longer wear remove them and make space for the new one to come. Trust me shopping always help to relieve you. Be generous and donate the things, clothes that you no longer use. Best remedy to feel happy and good from within.

4. Pen it down:

Sometimes we have so much to say and not have a trustworthy friend to talk to, pen it down. All your feelings do not keep them as more they remain with you the more they make mess and make you feel more and more stressed. Let it go. Make your own to do list and make short term goals the more you fulfill them the more you start feeling good about yourself and your life.

5. Solve the problem:

Sometimes we think our life would be much better without some people in it. If the negativity of a person or group of them is bringing you down its time we bid them farewell doesn't matter even if they are the only ones you have. Remember it is much better to be happy even if it means to be alone. Take this time for catching up with yourself. Go on a date with yourself. Do not let someone bring you down. If you can talk to them and solve the problem if not move out of it.

6. Reset your phone:
Time to move to some new songs and make new favourites, learn them, sing along, dance to the beat. Let go of the songs that remind you of things in the past. Realise you have lived past that phase and are stronger and better. Remove all the old pictures, contacts, videos, notes, memo because you spend more time with your phone the more cluttered it it the more it affects you. Try some new themes for a change. You may feel better.

7. Bring little changes:

Have you only been thinking of doing something? Its high time you do it. Sometimes there is a dissatisfaction when you are not able to do something you really want to do likewise just thinking to do something for a long time do bring you down. Learn something new. Get your creative juices flowing. Change the timings of sleeping and waking up. Try to wake up early and sleep early. 
A power nap is fine rather than that do not sleep during the day and lie awake at night. This will only disrupt your health. Hit a gym. Eat healthy. Drink enough water. Join a library. Enjoy doing things that you usually do

Tips: Know whether she is interested in you or not

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It is always hard to be in confusion of not knowing whether the other likes you or is interested in you. Many times knowing that she is not interested in you will save you the embarrassment of being rejected.You really need to look at the hints that she is passing on consciously or unconsciously. Here are a few things that she will do if she is interested in you.

1. Her eyes speak:

If she is interested in you she will be looking directly at you or at your direction when you speak or is trying to catch your eye when someone else is talking. She will try to look at you, catches your eyes and hold the stare for a while before looking down with a smile. When you catch her looking at you do notice the dilation of her pupil if she is nearby, it will be dilated.

2. Her lips:

Her lips are a major point you take notice of. If she is interested in you she will smile wider. She will subconsciously make use of her lips for example the way she eats making the perfect shape of her lips, the way she will use the straw. Biting lips may be a habit of a few girls but some do so when they are in front of someone they like.

3. Her hair:

She will try and put extra effort on her hair, she will try out new hairstyles also she will keep playing with her hair while talking to you, if she likes you  but some girls have a habit of doing so, always know the difference between her habit and conscious move of playing with her hair

4. Touches often:

Instead of telling you, she will touch you to dust off, mend your hair or maybe just wipe the residual left at your lips. If she is comfortable in touching you while she speaks it is a sure hint as not many girls like touching others until they mean something to them.

5. Postures:

The way she sits is much more comfortable rather than stiff, perfect poise of a lady. She will bend a little towards you. Her legs will not be crossed even if they are the toe points towards you rather than opposite side. She will keep her hands free and not in a crossed position. She will be facing you with all her body rather then just head when she is talking to you.

6. Texts and Calls:

She may play hard to get it but if she really likes you she will not keep you hanging on just "seen" and no reply. She will text you back and she will not take all your calls but makes sure to call you back when she misses the calls. If a girl takes hours to reply your simple "Hi" then it is time you think she is not interested.