When you are organizing a party you have to be very careful about the followings. if you want your party to be a success

1. Invitation:

 Invite your guest at least two weeks prior to the event so that they do not make any other plans for that day.
If the guest is really important you can consult the date  with them before inviting others.

2. Location:

Keep in mind the types of guest u are receiving as well as the transportation.
Not everybody owns a car and if the location is offside a few  people will turn down your invitation. So have a place that fits these criteria. Book it before hand you don't want your guest to be turned down at the end.

3. Food and Drink:

You cannot miss out the very important factor of party. "THE FOOD" . Know the number of guest who are vegetarian, vegan and non-vegetarian and organize table like wise. Know the age group of your guest and have drinks accordingly. Keep in mind if your guest have children who will tag along make something for them too. If you don't want to waste food call your guest two days before the main event as a reminder and you will also find out those who wont be able to make it. Order like wise.

4. Music:

Chose music very cautiously . The mood of the party is set by the songs you play. Plan your songs according to the type of party you are having.

5. Decoration:

It does matter. You will be taking pictures and a well decorated place will have better pictures than the one without decoration. Some lights, balloons ribbon.


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