“ A drama dealing with noble protagonist placed in a highly stressful situation that leads to a disastrous, usually fatal conclusion.” Is a tragedy as stated by Charles Boyce in his article named Shakespearean tragedy.

The characteristics of Shakespearean tragedy.
1.There is a tragic hero in the play.
2.Readers pity what befalls the main characters of the play.
3.A tragedy has to have five acts.
4.Death awaits the main characters in the end.
5.Protagonist  has a tragic flaw.
6.Protagonist has a high degree of importance.
7.Downfall that is disastrous to the main characters.

Macbeth follows the characteristics of the Shakespearean tragedy. The format is as below.

1. High degree of importance:
The protagonist has to be of political importance. As Macbeth is both the Thane of Glamis and Thane of Cawdor. The King himself speaks highly of Macbeth honoring his efforts in the civil war. “oh valiant cousin worthy gentlemen” (A-i S-ii L-28). He is respected by the people of Scotland. As the play progresses becomes more important figure, the King himself.

2. Military leader:

An important part of a tragedy is taken from the idea that an entire nation is affected by the decision made by the tragic hero.

3. Hamartia:

It is the major flaw that is known as tragic flaw. The flaw which leads to the downfall. In Macbeth: it is his vaulting ambition that leads to his downfall. He himself recognizes his flaw, the unpleasant trait in him before killing Duncan “but only vaulting ambition” . It is his ambition that changes him from an honorable man he once was. His ambition grows more as he becomes King. He realizes according to the prophecies that Banquo and his son shall stand as a threat for him so he orders to get them killed.

4. Hubris:

It is the mistake the tragic hero makes caused by his excessive pride. Macbeth after listening to the prophesies from the three witches of him becoming the next King tries every possible thing even if it is killing the existing King Duncan. Blaming his murder on sleeping  guards and Duncan's sons who have fled for their life. Making him the King. He confuses with the prophesies made by the witches after he becomes the king leading to increased vanity in him and the prophesies deceives him at the end.

5. Catharsis.

It is the realization of his mistakes made by the tragic hero. Macbeth realizes the double meaning of the prophesies "None born of woman shall harm Macbeth " but Macduff was untimely ripped from his mother's womb. This terror for his own tragic ending leads the audience to pity his character and fear his death

6. Nemesis.

It is the divine judgement for Macbeth for all his crimes he has committed against the people of Scotland, King Duncan, Macduff and his family , those guards as Macduff kills Macbeth and makes the right heir Malcolm the King.

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