Every relation has its own ups and downs. Every once in a while we feel like we lost the passion that was there in the beginning. This is a phase that comes in a relationship. The digital world makes it even worse. Just know that this phase will end the way you want it to. If you want to move out because it no longer is as it used to be or stick to it and make it work. Here are a few tips that will help you ignite the lost spark in your relationship.

1. Communicate:

Today lets come out of the digital world and face the person and talk.Talk about your day. Talk about yourself. Talk about the weather. Talk about anything and everything.  When was the last time you talked about your future together, made plans for the weekend? Today leave your phones behind and go for a walk and talk about your day, your dreams, what you are aspiring for, your short term goals, hold hands look into your partner's eyes and talk. Do this in a  regular basis. Talk about the changes you want in your relationship, cut off the negative effects that is making your relation dull.

2. Physical gestures:

Touch, kiss, hug the person often. Your gestures will help your heart to spark the lost feeling. Kiss as often and long. Give surprise kisses. Watch them blush. Hug whenever possible. The tighter you hug the better you feel. Hold hands while walking or crossing the road. Hold hands while watching a movie might sound awkward after  five six years of relation but why change love should grow with time not decrease.

3. Talk about past:

Not the past filled with mistakes but the past when you both met. Talk about how little things you did mattered. Remember your first kiss. Talk about how you felt the butterflies and still get when you think of that day. Talk about the promises you made. Cherish those moments. Congratulate for the years you stuck to each other in-spite of all the hurdles. Tell your partner how little things they used to do, meant so much to you. Remind each other of how you both felt back then. How you considered yourself lucky for having the significant other. Yes as time moved on we realize certain things about our partners but that doesn't change who they are. So keep loving the way you used to. Try to put more efforts than you did.

4. Surprise:

Plan a surprise for your partner. No, it doesn't have to be a birthday party. May be by gifting something they have been longing for or some flowers or may be just by cooking something they love. Everybody loves how you put efforts for them. This will help you feel good about your partner and you can feel some tiny spark flying between you two.

5. Learn to flirt:

each other. Do not just think that they understand. Compliment them for how beautiful or handsome they look . Pass some flirtatious comment to them. Make them blush like you used to.

6. Say out loud:

Make it a point to say "I LOVE YOU" at least once a day and do it verbally.Let your partner know that you mean it by putting efforts on the relation. This is something that you should do very often let them know they are loved. We sometimes take people for granted and regret it later. To prevent it you should always confess your love. This will also stay as a reminder to the partner and they will feel good and put more effort in return.

7. Dance:

No, you do not have to join a salsa class or be an amazing dancer all I meant was put some romantic song, pull your partner close look into their eyes and just sway with the beats. This will help you increase the passion. You can even role play to ease away into romantic feels.

8. Do something new together:

Learn a new thing together. May be a new language or a new exercise or may be cook. Learn and help each other. This will help you spend quality time together and also you will have a common thing to talk about.

9. Be mysterious:

Sometimes a open book drags no attention even if it much better than the close one. Similarly keep secrets that your friend would long to know. This will keep them interested in you. When you are telling them how your day went tell them just the highlights so that they long to hear it all. Plan an outing alone. Go places alone that will make you partner wonder what you are doing and where.

10. Date:

Plan and organize a proper date or the kind you used to by going to the place you went for your first date. Say to your partner to be ready for the date. They will look forward to it. Do things like you did on that day. Walk holding hands.Buy her some flowers and chocolates. Do this more often. Relive your olden days when you both were head over heals for each other. Laugh about how you were so mad in love. Make memories to look upon.

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