Are you up for shopping again? This time utilise your money in buying something a lady must have. Yes, if you are a rash buyer too we do not realise before we use all our money yet not buy what we actually needed and not wear what we end up buying. It is time you actually understand what are the things you must have. You have to shine out in the crowd and it will only happen when you have the right things with you. Here are a few things that you must definitely own.

1. A casual day pair:

A plain tee shirt of basic colours like black, white or even grey. A comfortable denim and of course comfortable shoes or if you prefer flats. You can add up light jewellery like a silver chain or an ear stud for a casual day out. 

2. A little black dress:

Even if you are not the party going type of girl investing in a black dress will never be a loss. Know your body type and buy a dress that actually compliment your body.If you are too shy wearing a dress invest in an net or normal tights that will basically cover you up. But if you are wearing a tights go for shorter dress it will look better. A little black dress compliments short heights girls too. 

3. A watch:

A watch will improve your elegance. Therefore choose a piece that is elegant in itself, this will not only help you look at time easily as you cannot keep holding your phone on your hand every time but also help you look a little more gracious. It can sometime be a reason to strike a conversation with you too. You never know the next person who inquires the time may be your soulmate.

4. Signature perfume:

You can jump from one to another until you find the one that actually defines you. Do not go for a common one you do not want your friends to get confused someone else for you as perfumes remind people of you. So go for one time investment and finalise it. Then see the miracle of how people know you are coming even when you are half a mile away. Perfumes are magical.

5. Signature item:

 You can choose from so many things like a necklace, a ring, a hair clip or may be customise it according to your choice. A signature item actually help you stand out as it is something you always wear.

6. Feet's friends:

Time to invest on a pair of comfortable casual shoe, a running shoe, a boot, a sexy heel, crocs of choice and a flat. These are something you must have for all your moods also if you have shoe fetish adding a few more will never harm.

7. Hanging friends:

Your closets hanger should at least contain an overcoat, a well fitting coat, a denim jacket and a leather piece. Your hangers must have at least two bags of different sizes, a clutch, a sling bag. finally the belt.

8. Pants:

Denims are for all season. Have variety of it. From flared to well fitted. The trending fashion always help so upgrade with the change and also know you have the ability to make it a fashion of what you wear.

9. Formals:

A formal pant, a white shirt, a pencil skirt and a dress will help you solve all your urgency for formals. Team it up with the coats you have.

10. Make-up:

Know the right shade of creams, foundation, lipstick and shadow that will compliment you and make you look more pretty. Also always have a straightener and curler handy you can change the way you look by just a few strokes of these.

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