The world we live in today has so much of its influence on us. A world where we have to try to fit in, a world that has segregated us in so many levels. Being watched from different corners , judged by strangers and what not. As we move into every new day we become less of a human. Wondering why I said so? Every day you become someone who criticises rather than support, you hate rather than love, you see but you do not observe, you are present yet feel no connection, you are here but not here at the same moment and I can go on.
Now in such a state of crisis we forget to look at ourselves from our own point of view. With both positive and negative aspect of self image, we feed ourselves on the negative ones to an extent that we suffocate and die as a human or end up sharing similarities with the machines.
Here are a few tips on importance of having a self image. 

1. Love:
You cannot expect somebody to come love you and not do it yourself, all you will end up is with failed relationships. The first person who needs to love you is you. Until and unless you learn to appreciate the way you are, feel comfortable in your own skin, feel that you are unique every little word that comes from the outside is going to shake your faith on yourself when the inside isn't strong.

2. Worth:

You are worth everything, all the battles that you have fought, the unseen scars, the visible mark, every little flaw, all the failures is what has made you what you are today. There will always be someone who will find faults in you, will stand there to criticise, to judge but know there opinion about you isn't going to make any difference in your life but your opinion about you will definitely make a huge impact. 

3. Protective guard:
When you have a positive self image, it automatically works as a protective guard which will keep away all the negativity coming from the outside rather attract more happy people, kind and loving people in his/her life.

4. Influence:
A person who knows his/her own worth will never do something that they don't want somebody to do it to them. They always are a positive influence on themselves as well as the others around them. They always have kind words, appreciation and encouragement for self and the others.

5. Segregate:
 When the world is segregating you in every way possible, you also need to do the same. Segregate what you take into consideration, there are negative words sugar coated in positive ones, there are words that looks ugly on the outside but is really beautiful on the inside, not everything society says is true, not every comment has to be replied. Segregate what you need and move ahead with it leaving the rest where they are supposed to be. Learn to say NO when required. You cannot make everyone happy but it is up to you to keep yourself happy. 


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Jyotika said…
Looking and interesting topic..
Lochana Sharma said…
@jyotika Thankyou for always encouraing me...
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