INTRODUCTION: This chapter by Lucio Rodrigues deals with the character who is very nostalgic about good old days when he was  a child himself in  Goa and how the baker made an impact in lives of people living in Goan Village

You can start the chapter with the idea of colonisation of India and what are the things the students know that were introduced to us by the colonisers that still is prevailing in our society today. Brief the students regarding, Portuguese ruling Goa. You can seek to understand, how much the children know about Goa, ask them if they know what is it famous for? Do they plan to visit Goa? If yes why? And compare the student's change in perception at the end of the story. Show the pictures of Goa, Goan Baker, Goan baker's dress( kabai) and the typical breads they made for different occasions. 

A. Learning Points: 

1. The child will learn about how something becomes a tradition, and how do tradition extinct.
2. The role they play in keeping the tradition alive, in context with the youths of Goa.
3. They will learn the new words and understand the meaning. 
4. They will learn about Goa as a destination for old culture and tradition of bread making, the process involved, the changes that has happened over time and as a youth how can they keep tradition alive moving along with the changes that are taking place.
5. They will comprehend that one has to understand their roots if they want to grow strong, in context with the chapter.
6. Make them understand the importance of baker's, bakery and different types of breads and their significance in Goa.

B. Learning Outcomes:

1. The child will be able draw similarities and differences based on the Baker of Goa and the modern day baker's. What makes the Goan Baker different from the modern Baker?
2. The child will be able to use the newly learnt words in his day to day conversation and works.
3. They will understand that Goa isn't just about beaches, but it holds a lot of beautiful tradition that one must observe while visiting Goa.
4. They will learn about different types of breads and their significance.

C. Student's work:

Ask the students to write down how the story has changed their point of view of Goa.
Ask the students to find 3 things about Goa that they find fascinating apart from what they have studied.

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