Format for Business Letters Business Letters demand a formal and a matter of fact treatment. They require simple, systematic and formal treatment of the subject. They consists of these seven essential parts. One has to follow each of them in a systematic and logical order. SENDER’S ADDRESS Postion- Left hand corner Example: Number 046 Marconi Street 745454 Mumbai Mostly business letters are written on the letter heads with the company’s name, address, telephone, email and a website printed at the top. THE DATE: Always write the date below the sender’s address. Any of the following format can be followed. 10 March 2023 20th September, 2023 March 20, 2023 3. THE NAME AND THE ADDRESS OF THE ADDRESSEE: Name and Designation of the addressee is written on the left margin, two lines below the line of the date. The Manager Hindustan Times Park Street New Jalpaiguri 4. THE SUBJECT: Mention the reason why you are writing, very briefly (Usually within a line). 5. The SALUTATION: Respected Sir, Sir or Dear Sir for an individual. Sirs, Respected Sirs or Messrs for firms or companies. Respected Ma’am or Madam is used to address a lady. 6. THE BODY AND COMPLIMENTARY CLOSE: Confined to specific business issues. Close: Yours faithfully, Yours Sincerely ( only if a personal name is used in the salutation) 7. SIGNATURE: A business Letter requires your full signature with the nname and designation coming just below it. For example Yours Faithfully Signature Mrs. Kapoor (Write name if sign is not clear) Manager

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