The role a husband and wife plays in each other's life can vary depending on the couple and their individual circumstances. However, some common roles and responsibilities that a husband and wife may take on include:

Emotional support: A husband and a wife can provide emotional support to each other by being a good listener, offering encouragement, and being there for her during times of stress or difficulty.

Companionship: A husband and a wife can also serve as a companion to each other by spending quality time, engaging in activities they both enjoy, and being present in each others life.

Financial support: In many cases, a husband may provide financial support to his wife and their family by earning an income and contributing to household expenses.A working wife can contribute to the household income, which can help to provide financial stability and security for the family which can promote a more equal partnership.

Household duties: A husband and wife both can share household duties such as cooking, cleaning, and caring for children, to ensure that the household runs smoothly.

Parenting: If the couple has children, a husband and wife must take an active role in parenting by providing care and guidance to their children.

Role modeling: A working wife can serve as a positive role model for her children, showing them the importance of pursuing their own goals and aspirations. Like wise a husband who is helping his wife in the kitchen tends to be a role model of a good father who can manage both work and house. Love one another so that you become the role model to your kids.

Ultimately, the role a husband plays in his wife's life will depend on the specific needs and dynamics of their relationship likewise of the wife's relationship with her husband, and can evolve and change over time. Communication, trust and mutual respect are key factors in maintaining a healthy and supportive partnership. 

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