Tips: Valentine for singles

Do you also think that Valentine is only for the couples? Seems like we need to break that myth. Valentine is actually celebrating love. And all you need to do is to look around you to realise that you are loved. No, there isn't just one kind of love. You have your friends, your family, your pets who love you so much. So instead of staying back, locked in your room try going out this valentine. Here are some tips that will help you with your huge task.

1. Invest in a new dress:

Yes, there will be no one who would actually love you better than you love yourself. So this valentine invest on a new dress. Pamper yourself. Self love is the most important form of love. You dress so beautifully for someone than why not for yourself.

2. Flowers, chocolates and gifts:

No, it doesn't sound weird. All you need is to realise that you are worth everything.
So go ahead buy your favourite flower for that day, chocolates and gifts to lighten your day.

3. Hangout with friends:

You know, not everyone is going out that day. So get your gang together and hit your favourite spot. After all these friends have been there for you in all your ups and downs. They were there when you were in relationship and when you are single. So they deserve to be loved.

4. Go out with your parents:

Yes, you hardly get to spend time with your parents. So why not show them that you love them by arranging a little surprise for them. Your parents loved you from the day of you birth. Loved you when you were a mess.  Which love can be compared with such great love. You will be more happy when you actually give and become the reason for someone's happiness. You will be more content at the end of the day.

5. Movie:

Who can think of valentine without some good food and a movie. If you have friends to go with then consider yourself blessed but if not do not be sad. You are your best companion you could ever have. Go ahead buy a ticket, some edibles and enjoy the movie as well as your own company.

6. Visit an orphanage:

Valentine is the best day in the year to show love and what is better than showing love to the ones who know least about being loved. So visit the orphanage. I can guarantee you that the smiles will keep you motivated for rest of the year.

Tips: Make your Monday Mornings Awesome

Do you hate mondays ? Do you feel like mondays should never exists? Do you lack motivation on the very first day of your week? Well most of us do. But there is always a way if you have that will. The will to make most of your weekdays. It is definitely fine to wake up on the wrong side of your bed occasionally but do not make it a habit especially on mondays. Here are a few things you should do to improve your mood for your monday blues. 

1. Set an alarm: 

Definitely waking up to an alarm is something almost everyone hates but it can actually help your biological clock and you wake up before the alarm rings after a few days. Also changing your alarm tones can be helpful. Do not keep your alarm tone and your ringtone similar. It somehow makes you cranky when you get a call with the same ringtone as your alarm tone. Do not turn off your alarm even on weekends. It is fine to hit that close button and sleep on your weekends. Doing this you can prevent being irritated while turning on your alarms after weekends.

2. Solve things before bed:

Try not to leave your works undone before you go to bed. Do not go to bed angry or after a fight. Solve the problems of the particular day on that day itself. This will prevent your other days getting ruined by the same problem. Keep your work updated for your Monday morning so you feel ready . Look at it with enthusiasm. It will result as your attitude towards the day is. Always say that there is a whole new adventure waiting for you.

3. Music: 

Make it a habit of listening to song early in the morning. Do your own funny dance . Make the day bright by being happy. Happiness is always created by you. So learn what things make you happy and do the same each day. Have a set of happy  and energetic song list for your mondays. 

4. Look forward:

Make it a habit to look forward to mondays. It will turn out better than the mondays which you complain about. Try keeping something that you love doing at the end of the day of the mondays. So somehow you will have something to look forward to and your monday will automatically be good.

5. Make your breakfast:

Even if you are someone who grabs something in your way to office or anywhere you go to always, take time to cook something you like for the monday morning. You tend to get agitated when you are hungry. So do not waste your sunday evenings rather prepare for something you would love to eat early in the morning. Treat yourself well. You will definitely feel good about yourself as well as the day.

6. Keep things in order:

As the week may have passed by little busy and you couldn't  make time to stack things back in their order but do it before the new week begins. You will not find things that are out of their place when needed and you will be more angry if it happens on the monday morning, right? So before heading out for your friday or saturday night out put your things back in order. Stack your clothes. You can also make it a habit of coming back and putting things back in their place. But it is alright if things get messy at times. 

7. Auto suggestions: 

Wake up and say that ' I will shine bright today' ' This is my day' ' I will make most of it' ' I will win' ' I feel strong' ' I feel beautiful' it will make your day more beautiful. These auto suggestions will actually help you to improve your self esteem as well as make your day beautiful.

Tips: Have resolution that lasts

Do you make resolution and often forget it. Or are your resolution so out of reach, something totally out of your imagination. Do not worry we all are like you. We have resolution that we never fulfill. We often keep it aside after a few tries. Resolution in simple words just mean a strong will to do things we plan. Yet we lose this will as days move on. It is because our plans are just beyond our level to reach them. So it is necessary to have resolution that are realistic. Here are a few resolution that you should take this year.

1. Improve yourself:

Start with short term goals if you are someone who cannot stick to long term goals. Every day take a small step to improve yourself. Start with waking up early. Have a glass of water. Exercise. Have positive outlook for your day. Be glad. Praise others as well as self. Sleep on time. Stop comparing yourself. Live happily. Take charge. Stop blaming others. Be useful to self as well as to Nature. Realise it is time we put an effort to save Nature.

2. Walk:

This year take a resolution to walk and stay fit. If the distance is short try to give up the urge to board a vehicle. This will help you have some good time with yourself, if you are alone or increase the bond of your friendship if you have friends to walk with. 

3. Family time:

You may be close with your family or staying away. The modern technology has created a gap between us as well as brought us together. But this year make a resolution at least to put aside this technologies and have a good and quality time with your family members. You will see that you missed out on many things.

4. Stray animals:

If you can pet a stray animal. You will actually help the unloved one. But if you cannot pet them at least make an effort to feed them once a week. Trust me this will make your entire week blissful and happy.

5. Bucket list:

Go ahead make a bucket list of things that you want to do. Keep it realistic. And count how many ticks you get by the end of the year. Having a bucket list actually gives you things to look forward to.

Tips: Must do things at least once in your life

Life is itself an opportunity that we have. Every day you wake up there are people taking their final breath yet we never realize the value of this gift until it is too late and we are left with regrets. grab this opportunity and make most of it. Look forward to make your day most fulfilled and satisfying one. Do things that makes you happy. Stuck in a boring lifestyle? Actually nothing is as boring as you make it to be. Always have that curiosity in you that will make everything fun. You learn new things from everything you thought was boring. Here are actually a few things that you should do once in a life. Doing so not only gives you a thing to look forward to but also help you be excited about it. 

1. Travel alone:

Yes, what I mean by travel alone isn't just take a bus, a plane or a train alone. I actually mean is go to a new place or as many as you want on your own. Take all the actions required on your own. Book a hotel, take a cab, roam around. At least once in your lifetime do it on your own, be your own companion, enjoy your own company. Learn how to manage things on your own. Your money, learn how to invest and where to when you are travelling so that you do not end up broke. This will help you have confidence over other matters too. Be careful while choosing your destination if you are travelling alone for the first time. States like Sikkim should be in your bucket list for the first timers.

2. Watch the sunrise and sunset:

You do not have to be on a beach to enjoy these natural phenomena. They occur everyday. So take your time out of the busy schedule, grab a cup of your favourite coffee and enjoy the sunset from your own terrace if it is visible or make a little effort to capture it. When I say capture it I do not mean from your camera rather from your eyes and get drenched on the joy of it. As for the morning sunrise you need to wake up early than the sun. Know what timings do the sun rise at your locality and try to wake up because this is one of the satisfying thing you shouldn't miss in your life.
3. Enjoy the rain:

It is time you get yourself wet. It is much satisfying when you have a friend to enjoy with. Trust me such moments will be remembered forever. Even if you do not want to get wet. Try catching the raindrops. The sensation can actually not be put into words. So either you enjoy the weather with a warm beverage or be part of it the next time when you actually do not have an umbrella. Instead of staying back and waiting for rain to stop. Have a little ball with the rain.

4. Ride or drive:

Nothing can beat your blues as easily as the long ride or a drive. So learn to either ride or drive so that you can go anywhere you want to without actually waiting for anything. 

5. Race:

Race at least once. May be just a race where you run, a marathon or a car race.
You win or you lose but do not give up. Reach the finishing line and be proud of yourself. You can have  friendly race with your friends as you did when you were kids. It will be fun.

6. Bungee jumping:

No matter how scary it sounds it is definitely one of the things that you must try. Nothing beats the feeling of it.

7. Cook:

We daily cook our meals three times a day but you can always create new things. Do not be afraid to try new combination. Try cooking something that you always order on your visits to restaurants. Do not just settle for anything that comes on your table. Try out the hidden chef in you.

8. Watch a movie alone:

Have you cancelled your plans for the movies because your friends backed out?
Next time that happens do not be afraid to try it on your own. This will not only give you your time with yourself but also take away the fear of being alone. It is time you go on a movie date with yourself.

9. Hiking/trekking:

Do not miss out on this adventurous thing. Gather your friends and plan for a hike doesn't matter if it is just  nearby destination or a far one as long as you are doing it. This is the best time one can have if he/she is a nature lover. Here you actually become part of Nature.

10. Gardening:

Time to get your hands dirty. Sow some flowers, water them, provide the proper manure. Planting or gardening actually help you in keeping patience, gives you joy when you see your hard work blossom.

11. Own a pet:

This is a actually a must do thing in your life. Owning a pet will not only help you be more responsible but also help you keep happy most of the time. 

12. Visit an old age home or an orphanage:

Not all people are as lucky as you are. Show some love to them. Visit them often and make them feel loved. When you give you get happiness in return.

Tips: Have an amazing personality

Sometimes we are attracted to a person whom we do not even know. Have you come over with such experiences or situations where you dislike somebody with no particular reason. It is because of their personality. You will certainly not be attracted to someone who is cold with his words, who carries negative vibes around him. Someone with positive vibes attract more people. So here are some tips to help you improve your personality. This will help you in short as well as long run. 

1. Appearance:

No, you cannot change the shape of your face without external procedures but you can always have a clean face, sweet breath, clean teeth and a happy expression. The best expression one can have is a smile. It passes on a friendly vibes. You cannot afford to buy new clothes every time you head out of your house but you can at least wear clean, ironed, and presentable clothes. You can wear your old clothes by making it fitting to your body. They should have all the buttons, all the bubbles removed and well ironed. Always make sure that you are clean as well as you smell good.

2. Health:

Healthy people always have optimistic approach to every thing leading to a happy environment resulting in many friends whereas the one who is always ill tends to be more pessimistic and dulls all the energy around him. Illness leads to reduction in vitality to perform and thus creates the pessimistic environment. Thus it is necessary to take care of ones health. By inculcating good habits such as exercise, drinking enough water and eating balanced diet.

3. Speech:

It is always necessary to make sure you aren't too loud or too low than the required speech sound. You cannot scream when you are having a date or speak low when presenting to hundreds of audience. You do not like someone who always speaks on top of their voice or someone whom you have problems in hearing them. So always manage your speech level according to the requirement of the situation.

4. Interests:

If you are a person who has a few interests and you keep talking about them every time you meet them than you tend to bore them easily and they will keep avoiding you or like wise you tend to avoid the above mentioned kind of people. So it is always necessary to have many interest that can help you keep up with any kind of conversation without making them bored. Reading a newspaper always keeps you updated.

5. Vibes:

There are basically two types of vibes, positive and negative. Some people have a positive outlook on life like they are glad that there is a cat to lick the spilled milk rather than the ones who keep complaining about the spilled milk for a whole day as well as blame someone for it and ruin their day too. You do not want to be around the second kind of people. Nor would anyone if it were you. But positive outlook does not mean pretending that life is easy or that problems do not exist but having a habit of looking for the solution, making the solution work. People with positive attitude gets things done. On the other hand people with negative vibes stay there and continue complaining for as long as they can.

6: Ability to appreciate:

People who tend to look for faults always remain without friends whereas people are attracted to those who help them look for their own good points and appreciate them for who they are and what they did. The feeling if  being appreciated is always liked. You need to be more aware of the people, show interest in their lives without being nosy. You cannot be interesting if you aren't interested. 
Hope this will help you improve your personality as well as be a better human. As a final tip I would like to add that people with a sense of humour are always liked. But do not offend people by telling jokes about them.

Tips: Know the best heel for you

Have you ever wondered what kind of heels you should wear according to you body shape and height and according to your time of wearing heels. Heels are saviour for girls with short height but can be equally handy for the ones with tall body features. Heels not only makes you look taller but also adds to your physical beauty. You may be afraid of it as it seems real uncomfortable but you will fall in love with it once you start wearing them. Trust me the compliments will start flowing.

1. Kitty or kitten heels:

Begin with the shortest heels that you can find. Kitty heels or kitten heels can be a problem solver. Kitty heels are an alternative for women who are just a beginners in wearing heels. Adolescent girls, who are considered too young for high heels can choose kitty heels for that glam look. Starting with a lower heel will take away the fears as well as help you to gain confidence as you move up the inches of heels. It is a necessary step because you will not only feel uncomfortable but also look uncomfortable if you directly wear tall heels. Ankle strap shoes are unfortunately meant for girls with lanky legs. It is a lot less flattering when worn by someone petite. So if you are opting for kitty heels go for the ones that are without straps if you are of petite frame.

2. Wedges and block:

Once you feel comfortable in kitty heels yet not so comfortable in heels you can move up to wedges or block heels. But you need to look into your shoe before buying it as it needs to be as wide as the upper of the shoe, If it becomes more narrow towards the middle of the shoe it won't be as comfortable as the one with width as the upper of the shoe. Keeping your feet comfortable during the working day is key. Block heels are the perfect shoe to compliment your outfit and it is comfortable even at the end of the day unlike the high heels.Wedges also balances out thick ankles and calves, and are flattering to the leg. If you have thick ankles and calves, wedges are meant for youWedges are also suitable for the petite.

3. Platforms:

If you are lucky enough to find the perfect platform shoes, they can literally elevate your look, adding up an extra 2 inches of height over single sole heels. Helping you increase your confidence. The stacked sole delivers height with less stress on the ball of the foot. It will be comfortable as well as help you to grow a few inches tall. Though they may not look as sleek and sexy as other heels but that doesn't decrease its comfort.Platform shoes are suitable for ladies with big ankles and thick legs as they give a balance. Platforms with open toes give the appearance of length and platforms are pretty versatile, as it fits almost all body types. So you can always buy a pair without any regrets.

4. Heels:

Now once you are comfortable wearing heels you can add up the inches by choosing heels from different styles. If you still feel that you aren't so sure about adding inches you can still wear heels with strap that will give you extra sense of security. If you are of petite frame do not opt for ankle strap but go for a strap in your feet itself. From pencil heels to stilettos.
From open toe to slingbacks you have many choices to go after you are comfortable with. Stilettos are the way to go. They are particularly flattering for short frames . Open toe pumps are also a boon, as they will give you the extra height without adding the extra heavy look on your bottom.

5. Things to remember:

Some heels are just good to look at but are so uncomfortable as they can be.
So try out before you buy your pair. It is not necessary that every time you end up with the perfect pair or an uncomfortable one. Always know yourself and your need if you do not want to end up regretting buying the pair. Know you size. it is not necessary that the number you wear for your flats or your sneakers also match the size of your heels. Always take a walk before buying.

Tips: Things a woman must stop doing

When I say a woman shouldn't do such things I do not mean to a part of a patriarchal society who imposes a lot of restrictions on a woman. Trust me even I believe that woman should have right to do everything that she thinks she can do. Here are a few things that a woman should stop doing for a better life.
 1. Stop putting another woman down:

It is high time that we realise that we cannot reach a higher position by putting another woman down. You may feel good for a while but the guilt will stay as long as you can remember. How you treat a person actually shows how you are rather than how they are.

2. Ditching friends for boyfriend:

A common mistake, a woman tends to make. Never let go off your friends. In order to have a good relationship, a relationship that runs long you should know that you both need a life apart from each other's company. You do not want to left feeling lonely when he goes out with his boys and is busy to call you or guilty of always clinging on him. Have friends who support you in your thick and thin.

3. Bitching about your girlfriend:

Trust me you do not want have such friends who aren't trustworthy at you back. Most women tend to do so and break ages of friendship. Now a days friendships are also formed on a basis of having a same person to dislike and you go hour and hour trying to break that woman's image. What do you get? Mere satisfaction. But remember there are more people who have already thought of you as a wrong person rather than the one who you were talking about. 

4. Compromising too much

It is ok to compromise a little and adjust but when you compromise to an extent you do not remember what you are worth of
. It is indeed time to walk away of the relation, the friendship, the engagement or your marriage. Always know that it is not a good relation when you are always at the compromising end. Always know what worth you are and respect it.

5. Not staying true to your words:

It is ok to change mind as often as one does but once you say something stay true to it. Fulfil the little promises you make to your siblings, to your friend. Be there if you said you will. Speak less if you cannot stay true to what you say. Mean what you  say. Let people respect you for what you say. Value your own words.