Do you believe in existence of soulmates. Have you ever felt that you connect with the other. May be they are total strangers but you feel like you know them, like you have met each other before and several times. Then you were lucky enough to have met your soulmate. If you haven't then here are some points that can help you find yours.

1. The bond:

This bond as believed was made before you were born. You were given a peek at your life along with the people in it. You lose the memory when you are born. But when you meet your soul mate there is a recognition. You feel it in your heart that you have met before. Yes you had but you wont remember. It is sixth sense which feels like you know them.

2. The wavelength matches:

The way you think will match the way they do. You will have a unique kind of connection. There are things you will find funny when others do not. You can talk for hours and hours about anything. You pick up your phone to call them instead they call you first. You think of ordering something out of ordinary and they do it first. You both are on the same page and same line.

3. Attraction:

There is an attraction of spirit which is why superficial things like their face, makeup, fashion sense, height, weight nothing matters at all. You just like the person the way they are.

4. Lesson:

Life will never be the same once you have met them. You will learn things like accepting yourself, your flaws and respecting yourself . Lessons will be different for different people. You will be like empty diary and they will fill you up. Give definitions to things that you did not know existed.

5. Their stay:

They can stay in your life for a day or forever. They will bring changes and leave. Only a few are lucky to marry their soulmates. Rest have them as friends, guides, helper but not a partner. For this love is beyond the measurement of time. This is spiritual bond beyond something earthly.

If you have found them, try and keep them for their absence will create a huge void in your life. If not just know that one day you both will be drawn together keep the above mentioned points to be sure about them. Once you meet them life will never be the same.

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