Have you recently started feeling tired all the time. Wanting to give up. Just understand that having a stress free life is a myth but making one is definitely possible. You have to create a stress free life. The life you want to live. Here are point that will help you get a stress free life.
 1. Do not compare:

You cannot compare your life with highlights of other. They had fought their own battles to reach there and who knows they might be still fighting to stay there. So never feel bad about yourself, about your life by comparing your life. The grass grows greener when you water them. So stop looking at some one else's garden and decorate your. You will achieve things when it is time for you.

2. Set goals:

Goals will help you keep yourself motivated . Keep both short term goals and long term goals. You will have a purpose to look forward to achieving things with set goals. Keep your own to do lists. Sort them according to their like tasks. Write them down and cross them every time you fulfill something. Treat yourself accordingly.

3. Remove the clutter: 

It is time that you realize that it isn't  just one thing that will make your stressful rather little things that add up. Make peace with your relationships, sort things out, talk to your partner.
Make peace with your values, always remember what you do always will have a choice so chose the one that will help you be at peace. Remember your priorities. Provide your attention accordingly. If the coming exam or an interview is stressing you, learn your paper well, put an effort, invest time or do learn some conversation tricks, manage your attitude. You have to provide your time to things one at a time. That way your result will be good.

4. Learn to handle money:

You do not want to be broke at the very beginning of the month. So learn to handle money matters well. We end up using more money when we are with friends. You need not be so generous to keep the wrong ones rather your good friends will help you save money by splitting the bills, paying for their share. Learn to save money even if its just a few bucks in the beginning always remember tiny drops of water fills the bucket.

5. Realize:

Some times life will get stuck. You will feel like giving up but always remember that happiness has to be created and shared. Learn to laugh as often as possible. You can also subscribe to jokes pages to help you.Be happy and understand that not all battles are worth fighting. People do mistakes and they learn to overcome it to. No one is perfect we all have blundered once or twice in our lives that is how we learnt the lesson for next time.

6. Spend time with yourself:

The best thing to do is to spend time with yourself. Understand the reason of your stress try to lessen them . Meditate, drink healthy tea, relax once in a while. Listen to music. Do what makes you relaxed.

7. Manage timings:

Manage your timing for eating and sleeping. Your body cannot function as it should if you are missing either of the two. Have a particular time to eat and sleep. The more sound sleep you get the happier you wake up.

8. Music:

Have some music in your playlist that will help you relax. Some music for example of a flute, piano, violin e.t.c that will take off the burden off your shoulders. Music are also very helpful to fall asleep.

9. Meditate:

Learn the art of meditation it will help keep yourself calm from the outer pressure. Have a specific place with or without music. Focus on your breathing. Inhale and exhale in a rhythm . Bury your past that drags you down.

10. Exercise:

Always take some time for yourself do stretching, running, or may be join the gym. Apart from sleeping doing exercise also help you fight the stress. Take a shower with warm water or cold if you prefer these will help you wash away the stress that accumulated through out the day.

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