Are you lately feeling low? There isn't a reason you can blame on; yet you are feeling down. Do not worry this things happens with everyone every once in awhile. It does to me too. I too feel hopelessly down at times. I end up sad throughout the day at times. But I have learned to bounce back to my happy mood. Here are things I do to boost my mood and my body. 

1. Laugh out loud: 

Laugh always has helped me. Even when I am sad and low I usually keep a smile on my face that helps my brain send the happy chemicals accordingly and stimulate the movement of blood to heart and lungs making our body work efficiently.

2. Clear the mind:

If we could weigh how much we carry in our head it would weigh much more than how much we actually weigh. So once in awhile thoughts that drag you down will pop up like an unwanted visitor. Clarify your head. Make peace with your past. Do not let them distract you from what has to be done.

3. Learn a new thing:

Life can appear dull when you do not have something to look forward to. So learn something new may be a new dish or a language or plan a party or may be a tour to a new place.

4. Eat and drink:

Eat less and more often. Do not miss your breakfast as that is a important part of your diet. This will keep your body refueled. Drink water every two to three hours gap. You feel irritated and low when hungry as well as dehydrated. You can add nuts to your diet and some energy bar or a drink to boost your body.

5. Power nap:

These will help you stay focused much more better than the 1 hour extra sleep in the morning. Take a power nap of 10 to 15 minutes in between the breaks. This will make your body and mind fresh.

6. Rest:

Take an hour off for yourself each day. Change the place you sleep, the location you will have different feeling and a spark for your monotonous life. Do something for yourself before bed for example manicures or read a book this will help you clarify your thoughts before going to bed and you will wake up in good mood.

7. Music:

Time to get some new songs on your playlist. Try and learn some new songs and their lyrics. Listening to songs will help you enhance your mental performances as it stimulates the brain.

8. Dance:

The best way to let go of the reason that brings you down is by dancing. All you have to know is to move with the beat. Dance to let go of the stress. To enliven yourself. Dance like nobody is watching. This will also work as an exercise that will keep you healthy as well as happy.

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