Girls generally grow up playing marriages of their dolls. They some how have a fantasy for the day. Well I do. If you want yours or your sister's, best friend's marriage to turn out as expected. Even if you are the bride-to-be or the bridesmaid here are some tips to help you out with your/their  dream day.
1. Dress:

Try out the dress that you will be wearing on your day. Get it fitted to your body size. You do not want people to think that your dress wasn't made for you. Have an option in case you need it.  

2. Makeup:

Try your dress with the makeup you are going to wear. Your makeup should be in combination with the colors of your dress. Makeup is to enhance your beauty not cover it. So know what kind of makeup suits you. Do not leave this for the last day it will not work out well. Take a day off visit a parlor and have them tell you what to do or best you can hire them for the day.

3. Heels:

Wear your dress with your heels when you are trying as well as when you are wearing for your final day. This will help you manage the length of the dress you are going to wear. Choose a heel that you can walk with. Some bridal heels are beautiful to look at but to hard to walk in. So buy the one that you are comfortable in. Confidence will automatically make you look good. If you have time in between your shopping and the day you can walk around for practice.

4. Jewellery:

Wear them with your dress so that you know that it matches with it as well as you will know what to add and what to remove. There are some jewellery that tend to mess with the dress. Having a trial will make you conscious and will help you save the dress.

5. Sleep:

Yes sleep well. You do not want to have dark circles on you big day. So start sleeping a little early a week before the day or so. You will have many things to catch on as the number of days decrease.

6. Maintain your weight:

If you do not want your dress to be too tight or your wedding ring to slip off your finger then manage your weight do not loose or gain beyond point of recognition.If you are planning to loose or gain weight then let your designer know about it they keep some quick fix for the day.

7. Mehendi/Heena:

This is one of the most important part of marriage in India. If you are a bride-to-be in India then always make time for it a day before the final event. This will help you with touch ups if the desired color isn't obtained as well as save you a lot of time for other things on your big day.

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