Losing weight and toning body is one of the reason people hit the gym but gym unknowingly helps us in many other things. Here are a few points that will improve once you start hitting the gym in the morning.
1. Skin: 

Once you start going to gym and workout, you sweat, your body temperature increases letting the clogged pores unclog which helps in cleansing the skin of bacteria, dirt, oils and impurities. Perspiration is also a secret weapon for keeping our skin looking its best. Sweat is good for the skin. Water hydrates, minerals and salt naturally exfoliate, and urea and uric acid combat dry skin and skin issues. One should also take care of the sweat and not let it dry in the skin so washing skin post workout is necessary. Always cleanse your face and body before the sweat dries.

2. Confidence increases:  

Once you start going to the gym you will start accepting yourself along with the flaws. It might take a few days to start doing exercise in front of mirror but soon you will have enough confidence to face yourself and perform well without being self concerned. Hitting gym in the morning also helps you to be confident about your skin. You go there without makeup and this will improve your self esteem. You will feel more comfortable without makeup also.

3. Intake of water increases:

Once you start exercising you will drink more water than you usually would have.This helps in keeping your body hydrated, improved bowel motion, replenish the loss of water through sweat and helping your skin. It also helps you slim down when used as a substitute for sugary drinks. 

4. You wake up early:

Hitting gym will help you manage your biological clock. You wake up early. These days people have problems sleeping as well as waking up but if you go to gym it will help you in both ways. You fall asleep as well as wake up early.

5. Diet:

As you start going to the gym you consciously or unconsciously prevent yourself from eating junk, oil food and unwanted stuff. You become more health orientated.

6. Happy mood:

You will listen to music that will brighten your mood for the day.Have a nice collection of songs for morning from waking up gently to your workout session. Music will enliven you  for the rest of your day.

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