Sharing has always been associated with caring. Sharing things also mean you love the person but no matter how close you are with your friends, with your family or your loved ones here are a few things that one should never share if you really care about your loved ones.  

1. Bathroom Products:
Though all the bathroom products should not be shared
but here are a few which are at high risk if being shared and causing infections:

a. Towel:

Keep a separate towel for your face, body and foot for yourself also do not share it with anybody as you may get fungal infections on the skin, acne-causing bacteria, and even pink eye when you use a contaminated towel. Always carry your own towel when you travel.

b. Soap and loofah:

Make sure the soap and loofah you are about to use is dry by dry I mean totally dry as well as not in a damp place. When these things are damp it will be easy for the dead cells of skin to grow and multiply causing you infections. You can use the body wash and a personal loofah to prevent yourself from the bacterial and fungal infection.

c. Toothbrush and toothpaste:

When sharing a toothbrush you are also sharing the bacteria of that person as well as oral diseases that the person suffers from. Tooth paste also are used on the brush and when he brush of the infected person come in contact with the toothpaste, it just becomes the transmitter of the disease.

2. Makeup products:
Makeup products have always been personal but there are times we cannot resists trying out best friend's new lip colour or a new fragranced cream but here is a reason why you should resist the temptation:

a. Lipstick/ lipbalms:

Even when the person has no visible infection there is always a risk of bacteria/virus  transferring from lips of the owner of the lipstick to you and cause diseases like cold sores and chapped lips. So better not share your lipstick with anyone or use someone else's lipstick always keep an extra lipstick in your handy pouch.

 b. Creams and lotions:

When you have creams and lotion which you dig your hand and take it out you are transferring bacteria to it and when some one else does it they too transfer bacteria in it that will affect your skin. Never put back the extra cream of lotion back to the bottle once it has been out to prevent the transfer of bacteria back to the bottle and affect it all.

  c. Compact powder/pressed powder:

It doesn't have bacteria as the wet creams or lotion have but the applicator; the sponge is the culprit to blame. It not only harvests bacteria but also transfers it to the person applying it. As usually we apply it to hide our sweat and look fresh the sponge will transfer it to your skin and cause damage. It is therefore recommended to wash the sponge as often as possible and sun dry it.

3. Earpiece/Earphones:

Though it looks romantic sharing a earpiece listening to a song but it isn't hygienic. inSticky earwax, infectious bacteria, fungus, ear infection from the infected person are some general disease that transmits to you when you share an earpiece. It is always recommended not to share as well as to keep it clean and in a hygienic place for safe use. You can invest on a plug that allows two earphone to plug in a same phone.

4. Razors:

No matter how close you are or how tiny your hair patch is never share a razor. As when the owner was shaving the razor accumulates not only the hair, the dead skin but also bacteria which might infect you. The razor might have cut the owner and it can cut you to chances of contaminating your body with blood transmitted disease or blood borne disease. So let the patch wait until you buy a new razor.


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Jyotika said…
Beautiful and very useful blog!!thnks for sharing..loved to read it..keep posting ideas
Lochana Sharma said…
@jyotika Thankyou. Do keep reading.
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