It is always hard to be in confusion of not knowing whether the other likes you or is interested in you. Many times knowing that she is not interested in you will save you the embarrassment of being rejected.You really need to look at the hints that she is passing on consciously or unconsciously. Here are a few things that she will do if she is interested in you.

1. Her eyes speak:

If she is interested in you she will be looking directly at you or at your direction when you speak or is trying to catch your eye when someone else is talking. She will try to look at you, catches your eyes and hold the stare for a while before looking down with a smile. When you catch her looking at you do notice the dilation of her pupil if she is nearby, it will be dilated.

2. Her lips:

Her lips are a major point you take notice of. If she is interested in you she will smile wider. She will subconsciously make use of her lips for example the way she eats making the perfect shape of her lips, the way she will use the straw. Biting lips may be a habit of a few girls but some do so when they are in front of someone they like.

3. Her hair:

She will try and put extra effort on her hair, she will try out new hairstyles also she will keep playing with her hair while talking to you, if she likes you  but some girls have a habit of doing so, always know the difference between her habit and conscious move of playing with her hair

4. Touches often:

Instead of telling you, she will touch you to dust off, mend your hair or maybe just wipe the residual left at your lips. If she is comfortable in touching you while she speaks it is a sure hint as not many girls like touching others until they mean something to them.

5. Postures:

The way she sits is much more comfortable rather than stiff, perfect poise of a lady. She will bend a little towards you. Her legs will not be crossed even if they are the toe points towards you rather than opposite side. She will keep her hands free and not in a crossed position. She will be facing you with all her body rather then just head when she is talking to you.

6. Texts and Calls:

She may play hard to get it but if she really likes you she will not keep you hanging on just "seen" and no reply. She will text you back and she will not take all your calls but makes sure to call you back when she misses the calls. If a girl takes hours to reply your simple "Hi" then it is time you think she is not interested.

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