Have you ever wondered what kind of heels you should wear according to you body shape and height and according to your time of wearing heels. Heels are saviour for girls with short height but can be equally handy for the ones with tall body features. Heels not only makes you look taller but also adds to your physical beauty. You may be afraid of it as it seems real uncomfortable but you will fall in love with it once you start wearing them. Trust me the compliments will start flowing.

1. Kitty or kitten heels:

Begin with the shortest heels that you can find. Kitty heels or kitten heels can be a problem solver. Kitty heels are an alternative for women who are just a beginners in wearing heels. Adolescent girls, who are considered too young for high heels can choose kitty heels for that glam look. Starting with a lower heel will take away the fears as well as help you to gain confidence as you move up the inches of heels. It is a necessary step because you will not only feel uncomfortable but also look uncomfortable if you directly wear tall heels. Ankle strap shoes are unfortunately meant for girls with lanky legs. It is a lot less flattering when worn by someone petite. So if you are opting for kitty heels go for the ones that are without straps if you are of petite frame.

2. Wedges and block:

Once you feel comfortable in kitty heels yet not so comfortable in heels you can move up to wedges or block heels. But you need to look into your shoe before buying it as it needs to be as wide as the upper of the shoe, If it becomes more narrow towards the middle of the shoe it won't be as comfortable as the one with width as the upper of the shoe. Keeping your feet comfortable during the working day is key. Block heels are the perfect shoe to compliment your outfit and it is comfortable even at the end of the day unlike the high heels.Wedges also balances out thick ankles and calves, and are flattering to the leg. If you have thick ankles and calves, wedges are meant for youWedges are also suitable for the petite.

3. Platforms:

If you are lucky enough to find the perfect platform shoes, they can literally elevate your look, adding up an extra 2 inches of height over single sole heels. Helping you increase your confidence. The stacked sole delivers height with less stress on the ball of the foot. It will be comfortable as well as help you to grow a few inches tall. Though they may not look as sleek and sexy as other heels but that doesn't decrease its comfort.Platform shoes are suitable for ladies with big ankles and thick legs as they give a balance. Platforms with open toes give the appearance of length and platforms are pretty versatile, as it fits almost all body types. So you can always buy a pair without any regrets.

4. Heels:

Now once you are comfortable wearing heels you can add up the inches by choosing heels from different styles. If you still feel that you aren't so sure about adding inches you can still wear heels with strap that will give you extra sense of security. If you are of petite frame do not opt for ankle strap but go for a strap in your feet itself. From pencil heels to stilettos.
From open toe to slingbacks you have many choices to go after you are comfortable with. Stilettos are the way to go. They are particularly flattering for short frames . Open toe pumps are also a boon, as they will give you the extra height without adding the extra heavy look on your bottom.

5. Things to remember:

Some heels are just good to look at but are so uncomfortable as they can be.
So try out before you buy your pair. It is not necessary that every time you end up with the perfect pair or an uncomfortable one. Always know yourself and your need if you do not want to end up regretting buying the pair. Know you size. it is not necessary that the number you wear for your flats or your sneakers also match the size of your heels. Always take a walk before buying.

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