Have you ever wondered that there is always this one person who has everything going well even her skin. It is so perfect naturally. On the other hand we are in a mess so is our skin. Here are a few tips that could actually help you to have glowing skin. Some common mistakes that can actually lead to dull skin should be avoided.

1. Remove makeup:

Sleeping with your makeup on will not only make your skin look tired and dull in the morning it will also aid in skin aging. So always remove your make up before bed at any condition. In case you are tired keep wet tissues handy and at least wipe off the makeup before bed.

2. Right skin products:

Choosing right products is a must. You need to know what type of skin you have. It is of no use to use oil controlling products if you have a dry skin. So knowing your skin and using product that actually suit you will solve half of your skin problems. Invest in a cleanser that suits your skin. Cleansing is and essential part in obtaining a glowing skin. Products like toner, skin repairing creams, night cream and a sunscreen with the right spf is a must.

3. Water:

Water plays an essential role to maintain the skin moisture and deliver essential nutrients to the skin. It replenishes the skin tissue and increases its elasticity which delays the aging. It keeps the skin well hydrated and healthy giving you the glow.

4. Pillowcase:

One of the first thing you need to know about maintaining the glow is changing your pillowcase often. As pillow case often gets dirty and you spend 6 to 8 hours sleeping and proper sleep is a must for glowing skin. and a rough pillow cover is not going to aid you with your glowing skin. Go for something soft and satin. If your pillow irritates your skin, it will only lead in having rough skin. So choose your pillow case wisely.

5. Touching face often:

Touching your skin often leads to transfer of germs from your hands to your face. Leading to skin problems.

6. Food habits:

Fruits containing vitamin C, leafy vegetables, nuts, tomatoes,salmon, papaya, green tea, eggs etc should be included in your diet to actually help you get that glowing skin. What you consume also shows how your skin will turn out to be.

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