When you are in a relationship, you feel like everything is right in your world if that the relation with that one person is right, or vise versa. When in a relationship you are investing very precious things in it like your time, your effort, you let someone else validate your happiness, but there comes a phase which is just stagnant, where you both don't move forward nor backwards unlike the time when you should move on is when you both are in different page, here are few tips that could help you decide whether you are just in a stagnant phase or it is time to move on. Not all relation go through the same phase, sometimes a step back is also needed just as a step forward is. Taking a step back would be taking some time to realize of which I have discussed in www.jabberspoint.com what you both want to do and a step forward would be moving on.

1. Communication:

The priority of the relation is communication. If you don't know what the other is going through, in their day to day life. This does not mean you call them 24 hours a day. When you both can go without talking for several days, not knowing what they have been through or even dead by now. It definitely is a clear hint you should move on if you both are actually doing this to create a distance among you both or may be it is just one of you not responding to the other. There is no one who is so busy that they cannot make an effort to call you or receive your call and have a good conversation may be just for a minute. People who genuinely are busy will at least let you know they are and catch up with you when they can. They wont let you hanging. Relations are about constant care, about little things that put the smile, little gestures, once you  stop feeding it with love, trust, support, care, all the elements that it requires and all you do is end with the corpse of the relation.

2. Instincts:
The very moment when the thought of moving on came in your mind, consider the relation was going down because when you are happy with the relation even if it was just stuck in a phase you don't get thoughts about moving on or dropping the relation. The reason you are reading this may also be hinting towards your sub conscious fear of you realizing it is time to move on. Never let go of your instincts, the inner voice is never wrong.

3. Not in the same page:

When I say not in the same page I mean you are crying yourself to sleep and on the other hand he/she is out there partying. Your emotional level are different. You might come up with excuses he/she never shows her feeling but feelings are always felt, remember when somebody said something very good to make your day, you did feel the genuine feeling right? You always feel it.Don't you think you both are in different page when you say I Love You and he/she replies Thank you? Remember you find love when you aren't looking for it. Many of us find it hard to let go after being associated with someone for a long time, we are afraid of the void, of the absence but more than that the situation where you don't feel happy, at peace or even not feel like yourself, the situation where creating the bond with the self, the very self that you have neglected for a long time now and the relation where your presence is felt should drag your immediate attention. You are worth being loved.
4. The Third:

It is definitely a sign you both should move on when there is involvement of the third person. You only need the the third pillar when the two gets weak, never blame the third pillar, someone wouldn't come in if you both never let anyone come in. When you or your partner have some one who has more priority in your life apart from family than the love of your life. It is time you should move on. Remember you are the finest soul, and just like only  jeweler knows the worth of the diamond, the one right for you will definitely see your worth.

5. Loving Alone:

Yes, we let down ourselves so much to please others especially the ones you love. But in a relationship you cannot love alone no matter how many things you do alone, you are meant to be there for each other, emotionally as well physically, though you can do it on your own, you have been doing it for a while now being there for yourself as well as for her/him.Why pressurize yourself instead invest everything on yourself. You deserve to be loved, and no one loves you more than you do. 

And bear in your mind that this step would be the end of the relationship as you would not want to come back to the same river that you know by its corners and depths, the same river that drowned you and  if come back again it won't take much time for you to realise that it will drown you again. Unless you both are the destined one.

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