Are you someone who is always on the go for new places to eat. Well, we are much alike. I too do not settle down on one restaurant/hotel when it comes to eating. I may come back to the most preferred one most of the time but I do not let the opportunity of trying new places go away. Here are a few tips that could be helpful for you when you go on the hunt for a new place next time.

1. Know about the place:

The place that you are going, may be suggested by a friend or someone you know or may be the place is garnering good reviews. Know about it, like its distance from the nearest vehicle stop, are they providing parking for your  vehicle/bike, what time does it have less people than usual so that you get the seats as well as not spend much time in waiting for your order to come, you do not want to climb 304 steps and come down because the place is full. If you really want to be there on that particular day, best idea would be go before hand and book a table or two and make sure you reach there by the allotted time.

2. Suggestions:

As you may have heard of the place from your friend do not forget to ask what they ate and how it was, you may want to try the same, something you know you won't dislike later, it usually happens to me, I order and the food makes me regret it. If you want to be more daring and try on new things, get some help from the waiting person, they usually know what is being ordered often, that they may suggest you

3. Your companion:

It depends on who you are with, for what to be ordered. If you are with family and very close friends ordering anything is fine as you will laugh it off if the food doesn't turn out to be as good as it was said it would be.But if you are eating out with your professional friends may be your boss, or maybe you are out for your first date, I highly recommend you to stick to foods and drinks you know or if not, order whatever your company has ordered to save yourself from embarrassing moments of food bloopers.

4. Price:

Sometimes, like once in a while it is fine to go to an expensive restaurant and get treated well but in longer term you are supposed to go somewhere affordable. Like if you order mushroom chilly usually for 180 rupees usually then the idea of investing rs 280 would sound ridiculous. And if you are someone who is ashamed to just leave, ask for a coffee enjoy it and leave. The price should really be affordable for a place to be an attraction amongst the customers. 

5. Products:

The very important thing about trying new places to eat is what is being offered to you to eat. No matter how much the price is; cheap or costly, how good the ambience is, availability of parking place nothing matters if the food you went to get isn't good. So make sure before trying out new places to eat go for suggestions.

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