This phase usually puts everyone who loved and stayed into deep pit of insecurities, like you weren't enough, not beautiful, too short, to fat, messy hair, not social, no friends, too clingy, too weak but this is what a person who loved and left makes you feel not what actually you are. They treat you like a game, a problem that has no answer, a trophy long longed for and when they get you and feel like there is nothing that excites them they turn to another problem to solve. For some it takes a few months and for some way too long, long enough as in six years/ten years/twelve years. These people are of that level trying to put someone like you down but staying there will make them a winner so just remember there has to be a reason why it did not work out, sometimes you need to see your life from a different angle. I would like to dedicate this blog to the girl who asked me " Was she not enough?" and others who are going through this phase.Girl it is and will always be his loss. You are beautiful in and out. You do not need to give in to the ideas of idle beauty, it keeps changing. the person who sees beauty in you has it in her/him the beauty the rest are just trying to copy and fit in what the world has defined beauty as, which does not exist.
So here are the points that emphasizes on positive side of a breakup

1. You:

This is the perfect time to think about yourself. When was the last time you did something you loved? The last time you had a good laugh, a great cup of coffee, listened to your own thoughts, bought your favorite book, your favorite food, when was it that you felt alive? You always give in to the needs of others, you make them your priority, your only reason, but now you have the time for yourself. What is the first thing you are going to do? Afraid of being alone but see it is you who have stayed when everybody left even if it is just to bear the pain but you stayed and you will stay so why not love yourself the way you deserve, the way you loved why not love yourself for once.

2. Challenge yourself:

You have been in your comfort zone  way too long being afraid of what people will say? When is it that they haven't? Too happy they will comment, sad, success, loss, death, birth they will say things but that shows who they are not who you are so stop putting emphasis on people and live your life the way you want to. You only have one life. Do something good today. Begin by loving yourself. Challenge yourself I know you have been letting yourself down because you are worth everything. Do not let people define you when you know who you are and you are amazing. go ahead try the thing that scars you the most. I have a friend who has way too many phobias but she is  happy that she is conquering it, she did think she couldn't, until recently. So go out there be the hero that you always were.

3. You grow:

Some where we all are guilty of putting too much effort for others and so less for yourself. This phase will actually help you grow. Once you divert all the efforts to yourself , you realize that are so much to be done and you were just stagnant trying to grow roots where you couldn't even grab handful of soil. You will see there is a wonderful garden that is waiting for you. You need the right environment to grow and you realize that it is only you who can give you that environment. So see yourself grow to the fullest and lay mesmerized. You forgive people who hurt you. You grow spiritually.

4. You learn:

You learn things about yourself, to what level you can go to save  a wrong relation, to what level you can go to love the person who can just dump you over a text, a person who can cheat yet pretend to love you all the time, a person who lies despite of you knowing the truth, a person who makes excuses rather than efforts. Imagine what you can do for the right one who actually loves you and your broken heart. You realize your worth. You realize who you actually are apart from someones lover, who you are as a human.You learn that you are always loved by your family, they accept you for who you are. You learn to respect them more. You should realize that you shouldn't change rather grow. You learn how to empathize with people. You understand what it is like to be left a broken heart that you will think twice before doing so and put an effort to save things.

 5. Friends:

You usually end up cutting off your friends but you see they actually come for your rescue, they always do. So go ahead and call them and have a good talk, you see who your real friends are because whom you thought of your friends and family usually end up taking sides but the one who stayed are worth treasuring, value them.

So here were some points on POSITIVE SIDE OF A BREAKUP if you have some points feel free to comment.

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