Growing up in an era where your number of followers in social media matters more than the numbers of friends that you have in real to rely, we usually forget to differentiate the difference between being lonely and being alone. There can be thousands of that you are alone but not lonely and lonely but not alone. Differentiating it verbally would be like lonely; having no friends, alone; on one's own. So most of the time we need people to actually be around us, to agree to what we have to talk about or may be just be there so that you don't look out of the place. Here are a few things that could help you see whether you are alone or lonely.

1. Feeling:

Sometimes the number of friends that you have doesn't matter when you feel like you do not belong there. You silently stay there sip your extra dark coffee and want to be present but you just cannot get the feeling of belongingness rather your mind is drifting away somewhere, girl you are feeling lonely. No, number of people around you just don't matter but there you are sipping the same extra dark coffee and enjoying the scenic beauty or may be just  in the busy cafe all by yourself and you are content then this is definitely you being alone and not lonely

2. Perception:

Not everybody who is sitting there all by themselves are lonely. So, before you want someone to perceive you as alone and not lonely. You need to change your own thoughts. 

3. Benefits:

Benefits of being alone is that you will feel like pressing the refresh/restart button of you life. Whatever circumstances life was throwing at you that drained all the energy out of you can be replenished with just some self time by being alone, by being with yourself. About benefits of being lonely is you know who your real friends are, because good friends will let you be alone but never lonely likewise with partners in relationship they will and they should let you have some "Me" time but shouldn't actually make you feel like you don't belong there. Just know you shouldn't be there where you don't feel like you belong.

4. Take control:

God created you, the perfect piece of art and gave you the ability to take control of your life. I won't tell that life will not have lonely moments but it is always up to you to turn it to alone moments where you enjoy the moment with yourself. This took a little while for me to realise but it is definitely worth the time. The more you concentrate on being happy with yourself, your surroundings the less lonely moments pop up in your life. Always look at the brighter side of the things and yes take control and enjoy.

5. Learn:

Learn what are the triggering points that pulls you down to the lonely zone. Learn to change the thoughts. Your brain is a wild horse running in the forest fire it will keep running anywhere it wants to and may be get caught in the fire and die but you be the leader take care and control of it this way you can make it out of the fire in no time. Learn and meditate ( Youtube has all the solutions) one thought can change everything so accept yourself and enjoy being alone.


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