Thinking of saving money? But all you end up is being broke by the last week of  the month? Saving from pocket money can be difficult at times (not everybody is lucky as me) but when you start earning for the first time you usually don't know how to manage the money that is coming in, as complained by most of my working mates. Instead of saving they enter in debt no matter how much they earn owing to the factors that they are usually expected to pay the bills every time, now that they are earning. When it comes to saving the sooner you start the better, it makes you financially stable and that thing earns so much of respect this days, yes I do mean the money thing. I know this took me a little longer to write because I absolutely cannot write something that I haven't tried myself. So basically it was a good start for me. I hope these tips will be helpful to you all too (especially the ones who have requested it)

 1. Divide and use:
No, not divide and rule rather divide and use. When you get your pocket money, your salary or any mode of income of money, divide it into two parts, going for 50-50 wouldn't be easier at first so go for 70-30. Save the 30 and try to manage within the range of 70. While saving, it would be easier if you have two bank accounts. So that you save in one and use from another. Every month you keep adding little to the saving account and soon you will start seeing the difference.

2. Piggy Bank:
Oh, you are never old for the piggy bank. It surely will come handy when you start collecting your pennies and cash. The bucket is filled by the droplets of water just like the piggy bank will with the coins and when accumulated can actually make a difference. What I am doing is I usually come back with change in my hand after buying something or change from the vehicle fare I put them away in the piggy bank, I would have done something or bought something with the change. Most of the time we do not even know where all the change vanishes, seriously like poof and gone but it is time you know where to put it before it gets lost the next time around. So it doesn't matter to us if we use it or if we save it for the current instance but saving can help you later on.

3. Need versus want:
I have controlled all my binge shopping but yet I find it is taking me longer than expected to control what I want to eat and what I need to eat. The moment you look at those shiny pair of heels that are worth every penny you have but you are sure all they will do is add on some aesthetic to your collection and never be worn, girl that is where you need to say "NO", for that is your want and not your need. Most of the time what we want are not even needed. So question yourself before buying anything, and when I say anything I do include all the items on the sale. Buy it if you need it. Best way could be making the list before heading out to buy items, or wish-listing the products; for many times we want things but wish-listing gives you idea if you need it or not. For if it is not needed you often forget about it after wish-listing it.

4. Extravaganza:
Yes, your first salary it is indeed a party time with family and friends that is fine for once in a while but cutting up small habits like reserving a vehicle rather than sharing, opting for vehicle for walk able distance, Coffee on the go, eating out every day, movies in the movie hall can actually save you a lot. Carrying your home made lunch is not just good for saving money but also for your health. Making your own coffee can save you time as well as money. You don't have to wait for your order to get ready and the best part is you can have it the way you like(well I like it extra dark). Wait for couple of days the movies that you watch paying 300 to 500(including what you eat in there) will be streaming in television or YouTube very soon. I prefer walking to vehicles as they give you some self time, good for health. Ever planned a home party? yes, the next time you are expected to give the treat you can opt for a home party, you will be saving couple of thousands if your gang is big and if they love drinking but make sure you get the permission from the house owner before you plan the party.

5. Motivation:

Having some kind of motivation to save actually helps a lot. When you have a general idea what you want to save for. You put in more efforts towards saving. Next time when you want something don't buy it then and there come home start saving for it. When you actually save up the needed amount you can change the thought or stick to what you were going to buy. Saving for travel has always helped me save money these days.

6. Splitting:

This I learnt the hard way because my brother looks after me and he has kept me financially stable so I pay for what I eat, so to prevent people paying for me I ended paying for them too, like my friends are expected to pay because they earn now. I simply started saying we will split the bill before ordering and a good friend will happily accept. This will save you enough for your another day lunch. 

I promise to add on some more when I figure it out, I welcome all your suggestions on how you save money. Thank you for all the support and the ideas that you want me to work on. I soon will write on it too.

Thankyou #Reader21 for your awesome suggestion of personalised gifts. I soon will give it a try. As she has suggested that catually making a gift for someone can also save money. Though this may save money but what you are investing for example your time and your love is so much more if the reciever sees it. 

Thakyou # Meenakshi for your suggestion of actually buying things online and during sales also helps you to save a couple of hundreds.

suggestions are always welcome. Do leave a feedback. Thankyou


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Manoj said…
There was a need a post like this. Especially person like me. It is really helpful.
Lochana Sharma said…
Thankyou. Do keep reading.
Jyotika said…
So specific ways to save a little out of our busy schedules..loved reading. Eagerly wait for your next blog and tips on some other interesting areas too.Thnks for the write-ups
Lochana Sharma said…
Thank you. Do keep reading. Your comments are always encouraging.
Jyotika said…
Worth reading..most needed post.. keep posting
Lochana Sharma said…
@jyotika, you always keep me motivated.
Anonymous said…
I am continuously reading your blog but this post really helped me to save my penny!!
Lochana Sharma said…
@Prabin Thank you and do keep reading. Stay tuned for new updates.
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