Hello everyone, Thank you all for the amazing number of views on my previous post. Welcome back again and today I am going to write about how you can be the ideal couple, the power-packed couple. Though you all know what I write is my personal or someone very close to me and their experiences. So this time it is the lessons I learnt from my super brother and my amazing girlfriend; my sister-in-law. It is personal to me and in times like ours where relationship end and begin at the speed of 4g I hope this will actually help you too to become the ideal couple, the couple who adds on to your beautiful dream of love even more sparks, the kind of couple you would want some advice from on your matters like I do from them. Respect, love, honesty, communication are the keypoints which I have already discussed on my another post so without repeating them which you can find in the following link ( Have a strong relationship ) I want to add on the new ones.

1. Correction is done in private:

We all are humans, and making mistakes are very common but being corrected in front of bunch of people will only being the self esteem of your partner down, at the particular moment and also the next time they see the people in front of whom they were corrected/scolded. So next time come back home and talk about it. Instead of blowing up you can try save her/him in front of the people and tell them what is supposed to be done the next time if such situations arises.

2. Keep your fights private:

Yes, your fights are your fights. Keep them to yourselves. It is you two who has to come to a convenient solution that works for both of you. Remember you two are two different individuals, just because you love each other doesn't mean you have to be a copy version of them, learn to disagree without the fight. Not everything you know is wrong may be wrong from the other's point of view. When both of you think are correct, let the other one talk first. This will give time for you to think and have a good point of view of their ideas and things get calmer when one of you does the talking rather then both at the same time. If you want to be treated like the ideal couple behave like one in the first place. 

3. Belittling the other:

When you fight and make your fights public chances arise that you talk a bunch of wrong things about your partner. Yes, you usually consider it normal when you are angry but you make up soon and are in love again but the images that you left behind when you were angry will remain imprinted in your friend's mind leaving them to disrespect you and your partner secretly. Well, if you don't want this to happen don't talk bad about them even when you are angry.

4. Priorities:

The moment she is yours or he is yours. We slack in putting the efforts that we did when we were pursuing them. But a real couple know that this person means the most and rather then expecting them to understand you show them that they mean everything to you. Just a short message or a call once in a while within the day makes them know that even when you are busy you are making time for them. Love has to be shown, little gestures of coming back home with their favorite flower or may be something that they were wanting for a long time.
You, may think you aren't the kind of partner who shows love but do love so be careful when someone actually comes along and shows your partner love and also does love. Keep them like they are the only one in the whole world and you cannot afford to lose them.

5. Look out for them:

When you truly love this one person, you give in to all their tantrums and still smile because you know the happy they are; the happier you become. Letting the other one be who they are and not forcing your ideas of life on them will bring the real person out in them and with total acceptance comes out true feelings. You are always there looking out for chances trying to make it easier for them. And you get back double what you give and all you want to give them is love. Not every day is going to be great for them be a good listener when they need. Sometimes just listening without being biased solves most of the issue. Help them fulfill their dreams that they have for themselves. Help them with short  term or long term goals. Appreciate the efforts they put in for you. There are times that you will never know when the other one is actually going out of their way for you. 

Relationship is like the tire of bicycle you need to move together in order to reach the destination. Just like we have a common saying you need both hands to clap or else one hand can only do one thing that is slap. You both are writing a story on a page of life in order to turn the page you need to complete writing together or wait for the other to finish writing.
Suggestions and criticism  are always welcomed with an open heart.


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Jyotika said…
Omg!!how creative and innovativd advices..loved reading so much as well as wanna implement (lol)..thnku Author for such a beautiful blog!
Lochana Sharma said…
@jyotika Thankyou for inspiring for this post. Keep reading.
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