Hello, everyone. Wishing my lovely
readers a very happy new year. My today's post will be about us, yes you and me. As we grow we usually come to a situation where we are like; now what, what next?
Trust me I only applied to one institute unlike my friends who had options while I had plans. Graduation-Masters-M-phill- PhD. Well life had other plans. I didnot get into M-phil, I am kind of a person who had planned my life not just professional rather personal too. I exactly knew what I wanted but everything changed over night and suddenly I had no plans. This broke me down to pieces. What scared me more was not having a clue where to begin. My mother, brother, sister-in-law these three pillars stood strong for me almost everytime I went weak. But this became more of my battle with myself.
I totally hate changes but here I didnot even know who I was. So if you are in a phase like this here it is why its totally okay to have no plans.

1. Experiment:

When we plan, like I did we stick to our comfort zone. Not trying to come out of it. We know what we want and stay satisfied with whatever the outcome is but when we don't know what to do next we usually experiment with everything that comes our way. Sometimes it is so much fruitful than our planned life. This will make you more open to learning. When you are open to learning, you open up an interest in a whole new environment too. Only with experimentation we find what we really need rather than want in our life.

2. Choice:

This phase may look like the dark night not willing to pass but realise it eventually will and it has to. Giving up at this point will only stop you from realising the true potential that you have. Remember some closed doors are to be knocked and some are to be broken. No matter how much people support or they don't, it is you that need to stand strong and have faith in yourself. It may be like a phase where you are stuck in the middle of the ocean in a raft, see you can stay there do nothing and die or make the most of the situation, learn to swim, come to land and win gold in Olympic. Every situation comes only to sharpen you. Now it is upto you how much you can take and what you make of it. You should consider yourself one of the millions going through the same phase not like you are the only one.

3. Savings: 

Well I know I am old enough to be looking out for myself yet I am being taken care by my brother financially but not everyone can be blessed the way I am so this is where you should learn and also pass the knowledge about importance of saving for the rainy day. I know my brother has struggled enough to keep me safe from all the struggle he endured but the best thing he passed on to me was importance of saving. After this phase there is something better waiting for you and you are only moving forward with an experience. You should know it is never late and you never are too old to start saving.

4. Understanding:

Understand yourself, what you are passionate about. You need not conform to what society wants from you or what your family wants from you if you do all you will be is a sad human who complains about his/her work. When you work for your passion, you never work a day as you enjoy doing what you do. Not having a clear set goals can actually help you reach there. Not every time what we think is right for us is right and sometimes with all the experience you become more adamant about what is right for you and now you also know why.

5. Present moments:

Sometimes with everything planned we forget to live the present moment. For me it started when almost every plans that I had made for my life came crumbling down in front of my eyes that I couldn't put myself  back together and start planning again, to be honest I was too scared to do so. So for the time being I thought I was escaping only to realise that I was more aware of my present environment, of my family's support, my true friends and moments which I was taking granted for a long time.


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manita rai said…
Soo true and motivational as well
manita rai said…
Keep learning and inspiring people my love
Lochana Sharma said…
@manita rai Thankyou and please do keep reading...
Unknown said…
This is really a great post and your blogging contents are always been boon for our entire "Chagay Warrior"family....
Lochana Sharma said…
Thankyou.. It means a lot to me. Do keep reading...
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