Hello everybody. Hope you are doing good. First of all thank you for all the love and messages. It feels amazing to be loved by you. Sorry, I am a little irregular these days, no excuses I just know that I owe apology to my readers. But Life is surprising me. I hope it is doing so to you too. I also know why these changes have come in my life. I wouldn't say everything is destined but a few of them happened because I changed some of my ways. I  know how the environment you work in can actually affect you emotionally. As we are at the end of the year and many of you might be thinking of changing jobs, quitting because you had enough, were not enough appreciated, or it may be any reason. I personally do work at different places and I see the difference in me, myself. Took me long enough to figure out why was it that I liked being somewhere while on the other hand I did not like the other.  It was Me in both the places, what was different was my environment.Trust me, the next Job will still have the same kind of people or worse. Here are a few things that I noticed was affecting me and how I over came it. I hope this will be of a great help to you as well as I was to me.

1. Appreciation:
Yes, appreciation. Here I don't mean that we need to be appreciated like a child, but acknowledged for what ever we do. I have seen a very dedicated person, who never talks ill about someone does his work and also the other's work and never once have I heard him complain but at the end of the year I could see the changes in him, no he did  complain. More like he started giving less than he would. I started observing him and to my surprise I found out it was because his efforts were not acknowledged. So he slowly stopped putting in all the efforts that he used to. It emotionally brought him down as well. Though with God's Words and his right company he bounced back to his emotional stability but the work place lost a very dedicated person. Here when you are going through some similar kind of situation the best way to overcome is by standing for yourself and saying "No" to things that you do not see yourself growing in and about appreciation start doing that for others, for every little deed they do for a huge lesson it was to me that appreciation comes back when you are dedicated to your work. Lets earn it this time.

2. Right Company:
The basic to every work place starts with right company. May be you are new to the job and don't know who to trust and be friends with. Here are a few things that have helped me with adjusting to different work place scenario;
a) See who does not come to you and talk about others, because those who do will end up talking about you too. 
b) See how one deals with someone who makes mistakes, some will blame, stay away from them. For the right ones always helps them correct the mistakes someones makes, guides them and help them grow.
c) Stay away from the jealous ones, they will do everything to pull you down and make your stay hard.
Please note if you do not find people as mentioned above being alone is not bad, you aren't there to make friends. You are there to work. 


The hardest thing about a work place is it's people. One grows or breaks depending on how the people of the work place are. When there are people who are old enough but not mature will lead to an environment be filled with negativity. Where new comers and old comers issues starts rising, I have seen many break down at this phase, many stop showing what they are capable of and many just end up being the orders follower. The best way to come out of it, do not only talk to the new ones. if they act immature you be the mature one and break the ice. Be humble and ask how things were done before you came, how they want it done and then explain you have thought of some ideas as well, they might not like it but understand you are here to grow so be productive. You have the bomb of positivity in you, no body can install that in you nor can someone take it away. Stay true to yourself.


No, I didn't put that question mark by mistake. I know how hard it is when it comes to trust people, specially in your new work place so be careful with what you share not every one is your good friend some just want a juicy topic to talk about. If you end up being one, that will continue for a very long period but one good thing is no matter how late but truth has its way of coming out so do not keep explaining yourself. Just be careful who to share with and what. I too have my personal account as Public but this went a little overboard when my feeds were being discussed in my work place, but this did not bother me for long because they had enough time to sit and talk of what I post online while I did not I was busy doing something productive and my page has nothing that actually needs discussion about.

5.Dating, Oh No:

Work place may sound with having someone who cares for you, brings you little gifts, lightens up your mood when you feel pressurized very happy but the same person could turn into your haunting daydream when you both do not work out. seeing each other may also end up filling the environment with negativity. So just have Crush on them and if you aren't in the above mentioned criteria then do not be it the next one as well that is never I repeat never get into the fights the couple are going through, they may end patching up and totally ignoring your existence. Stay away from the lovers.


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Anonymous said…
Interesting post to read. You always post on very relevant topics. Pl. keep posting.
Lochana Sharma said…
Thankyou so much. keep inspiring.
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