Hello my lovely readers. Hope you all have been doing good. How has the first month of 2020
turned out for you? For me, it has turned out so much more than expected. From being awarded "The Most Exciting Find 2019" to almost having nothing that excited my soul. I did feel a little lost, but here are certain things that I did in order to get back from a blur moment to focus. To all the readers who are actually going through some hard time and trying to go through it I just want to say "This is your battle and it is you who needs to fight it". Here are a few tips that will help you to fight the battle like it did to me.

1. Believe:

Yes, manifest what you want in your life and believe that you deserve it. Have a clear picture in your head of how you want to see yourself. If sad thoughts keep coming up and hinder your belief; you give your thoughts a red sign. I do that by saying "stop Lochana" that is my red sign to the thoughts that tries to get me down. I also talk opposite at times. For example when I am running late and I had ample of time to get ready previously but I just wasted my time. The thought that usually comes up is that  "I hate you, you are never on time" but what I do is hating myself isn't getting me any faster so I always change the negative thought to positive one by saying "I love you, lets do a little fast now so we can at least make it on time". This has changed a lot of things in me.

2. Talk:

If you know me personally, you definitely know how much I talk until recently I realized I was talking but not saying things. I had kept it in so much that it almost made me stop wanting to feel the the emotions that I denied to feel. So one fine day I call my brother and started telling how I feel. He told me this and that but the best therapy was he just listened without judging what I felt. I then realized that I was afraid of expressing my down moments, my fears, my bad memories, my not so appreciable feelings and over time they were just making me feel heavier. I know myself very well, at least that is what I thought until recently for that one 3-4 hours conversation made me feel like I was just a little girl who was afraid. I thought maybe my choices would make my family embarrassed of me even though I felt those decisions were right according to me. I just had a little baby monster who was feeding on my insecurities and growing bigger every other day. Sometimes we are just petting the wrong feelings within us. Family will always stand by you. They know what you are aspiring to become, they know your changes, they know your choices. We differ and that is what is beautiful about a family. 

3. Accept:

Accepting yourself is so much important. You will instantly realize the difference the moment you put aside what you should be and be what you actually are. I know what it feels like when you have to be someone you are not. Trying to fit in when you know that isn't where you belong. Slowly the fake front that you put will come haunting you back. The best way is accepting how you are, the right people, the right crowd will eventually make their way to you. This is my own personal experience as I am someone you will see as very out going I talk to people but when it comes to fitting in, I don't  even try when I know that isn't the crowd I want to be in and sometimes this leads, me being alone but I enjoy my own company more than being in a crowd where I need to pretend to be what they expect me to be. Accept that this is  a phase and it shall pass. This isn't the end. 

4. Engage yourself:

Empty mind is always doing things that does no good to you. All it does is remind you of things that went wrong some 10 years ago and make you dwell on things that you could have done to change its outcome, well this is just an example but I totally can relate to it. So find yourself something that will keep your mind from opening the closed files. My recent pleasure moment is watching award functions as this also helps me to know how to engage the audience as an anchor. My brother suggested me this vlog Born to Ride Lakhshay Anand and just after watching a few parts I kind of have started liking it. If you have travel bug in you or if you are a bike enthusiast this vlog is  a must visit.  So get something that will help you come back and relax. 

5. Question:

The best way to know what you are lacking is by sitting back and questioning yourself what you want. Deep down, what is it that makes your soul smile. Yes, this may take longer than you think to figure out. At times we know what makes us happy but sometimes or should I say most of the time we are still figuring out what makes us happy from the core. So, go out there try things, collect experiences, be kind and keep growing. You may not be there yet but one fine day You surely will.   

If you have more ways to keep yourself away from feeling low, feel free to tell me.


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Jyotika said…
Lovely posts.
Worth reading
Lochana Sharma said…
Thankyou @Jyotika Your feedbacks have always helped me.
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