As Valentine is approaching and every one is talking about love. But today I want to write something for my readers who are out there feeling cold even when the season is about love and love is always warm. Sorry to hear that you have been cheated upon but dear one it wasn't your fault. No, it actually wasn't you or anything about you that made them take that decision. They had a chance to choose and remember they chose them. Here are a few tips to change your tragedy to a trophy that will make you a winner.

 1. Let go:

I know it isn't as easy as it may sound. You are trying to hold on to something that has broken down and it is only wounding you more and more as time passed by. Learn to differentiate between being in love and being in love with the idea of love. If you really loved someone you will always want to see them happy. You should also know that you loving someone is totally your choice so it doesn't need a label or a tag of some sort of relationship nor does it need anyone's validation. 

2. Don't play the victim:

It is very common amongst us to keep pitying us or wanting someone to pity us. We keep doing that by repeating and re-repeating the not so happy ending. We keep on satisfying our need to be loved on the alms given to us in form of pity. If you keep doing this all you will end up is attracting more people who will pity you for a while and leave after that. Some of them may even buy you your favorite flowers but even you know that they are just making themselves feel good for giving that attention to someone who was craving the limelight. 

3. You are worthy:

When you are cheated upon all you end up doing is hating almost everything about you.
You are forced to fall down in a pit that is full of insecurities and your fears. You may even see this as an end but dear one end is when you give up and stay in that pit. What you are looking outside of you is actually within you. The love, the happiness, the joy everything is within you. Stop criticizing yourself and  stop doubting your self worth on the basis is someone else's decision. You take charge of how you need to feel. Sometimes people do find a way back to you and dear soul wanting them back be your inner wish but remember you weren't their choice back then. 

4. Trust:

Dear soul, you are amazing. Please stop denying every little thing that gives happiness to you. Yes, you are afraid I know that. Probably to an extent that it scares you even when people are just being nice. Being cheated upon does that to you. You never can trust people again but isn't it unfair that the one who is supposed to have a guilty conscience is actually out there probably going around with someone who they said were not their type and here who loved and wanted to make it work is so scared to even think of a relationship. How long will you punish yourself for loving? I remember a friend of mine saying "see you got to start trusting like every day you put a little faith upon a driver to drop you somewhere, you don't ask them to show their driving licence every time you board a vehicle" Love is that. You have to trust and only when you do so you reach somewhere even if it isn't your destination. The first step is to at least give it a try. Start trusting yourself. Put a little faith on yourself. First step will definitely be worth it.

5. Manifest

Here is what you can do instead of thinking yourself as a victim you can  manifest what you want in your life, your relation and your career. Manifest as in think of what you want rather than what you don't. Think about how you want your life to turn out rather than how it didn't. Focus on making your life better for yourself, for you truly deserve it. Listen to songs that are happy, that give you some sort of inspiration, something that gives you hope rather than the songs that makes you gloomy. For when you are singing you are actually sending that vibrations to the Universe. 
Have you noticed how what you don't want keeps on repeating? This may be signifying that you have passed on too much of information on what you don't want sub consciously. Time to change the pattern of how you think. Focus on what you want, keep repeating it to your sub conscious mind either silently or out loud. You will be amazed to see the difference. 

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