Hello! My amazing souls. I am more than grateful for all of you. Thankyou  for being such a supportive family. Couldn't Thank Universe more the 10k views in my previous post that is Valentine's Post. I would also like to give the credits to google and the rightful owner of the images. The morning mood that you have sets the whole day, right or wrong. You can wakeup feeling all good but end up ruining your day Trust  me I have done the mistake a hundred of times that is why I thought of writing on this topic on 2019 but couldn't publish is because I didn't know what I could do instead to make my day beautiful. I know there were times I woke up all irritated and not knowing what exactly the reason was. Even when I used to get proper sleep and wake up in the morning, couple of minutes after that I would be wanting the day to end in the first place. I did find out how to make my day start better and when it does my day somehow goes very well. Here a few tips that has helped me I hope it will help you too.

Be Grateful,ink Lettering. Modern Brush Calligraphy. Phrase ...1. Be grateful:

Sounds funny, but starting the day with a grateful heart has made an immense change in me. The first thing I do is as my feet touch the ground I send a short prayer to the Universe stating that I am grateful that I got to see this day. Grateful that I woke up healthy, grateful that I am alive. More than one year has passed by and I cannot think of any other way to begin my day. I first learnt this from my mother and it has been my blessing since then. I found out how being grateful gave a way for reasons to be grateful to come find me. 

Welcome Weekdays - Peanut Butter Fingers
2. Greet:

Whoever comes to you sight first, even if it is your cat who didn't let you sleep well last night because he was sleeping on your leg and you couldn't move it. Go greet him with the brightest hello that you have, our traditional way to bowing our head never goes out of style when greeting someone, but if you like hugs we'll go ahead. Greet as if you were seeing them after a long time, like you have missed them a lot. I greet myself too, some do find it funny but I love doing that. 

A Girl Carefully Drinks A Glass Of Water | Cartoon clip art ...3. Bless your water:

Drinking water in an empty stomach has many scientific reasons of helping us which I am not going to talk about, here what I want you to know is before drinking the water tell a prayer in my case I have some affirmations that I repeat loudly and then drink my water. Not just after waking up, I like repeating affirmations to the water/milk I drink before I go to bed as well. If I want me to more peaceful, I repeat saying I am very peaceful before drinking the water. I have seen the change in me.

4. Phone:
A girl playing mobile phone | Free Vector

If phone is the first thought that comes to your mind the moment your eyes open then what I am going to say will be a little hard for you.  There is always so much going on on the internet that it took my whole night but once I said no phone after 10 and kept it away before bed. I stopped juggling between my apps as I started focusing on other things. I started getting proper sleep and woke up at time. Unknowingly we give the best part of the day away to our phone and become grumpy over someone's amazing reel life. I also stopped taking calls early in the morning, I nowadays reply with a message that says I will get back to you soon because I have had my fair share of experience of ruining my day when I took the call and the results weren't so good. I only take the calls once I have set the mood for the day. This one thing did take a long time but eventually I succeeded and the changes are enormous.

5. Self time:
283 Best Paperino images | Donald, daisy duck, Disney duck, Mickey ...When I stopped giving my time to phone early in the morning, I realized I always had time to give a little to myself. I do some normal stretching and meditate a little. Make my coffee the way I like and enjoy it in no hurry. Plan what I want to wear, what I want to take for lunch, and get ready with no hurry. My mood has almost been in the higher level after the little changes I have done in my life. 


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Inspiring to me...
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