Thinking about a career can be very stressing and may also lead to some wrong decisions. We look at things that are said to be in the trend and follow them or sometimes the career we choose is only because of how much they pay or the facilities they provide. This often leads to dissatisfaction and not being able to do our best. Many people even give up their existing career to choose a totally new one. So here's are a few tips that could be of your help when you are in dilemma.


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Against Introspection | Philosophy TalkSit back and question yourself. You are the only person who knows you the best. You know your strength, you know your weakness, your ability, your inner desires etc. When you question yourself you tend to get a clear and a bigger picture of what you actually want. Give reasons why you don't want a particular choice or defend why you want it. What is the difference between someone doing it and you wanting to do it? Be honest with the answers. Do you genuinely think that getting into this career will help you grow? Will you do that work for the rest of your life? Every single day. What will be the factors that will stop you from quitting? 

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Always have a couple of names of career that you think could be something you would choose. Sometimes while doing this we find things that suits us the best. Always try knowing most of the things about the career you choose and compare it with the ones that you have kept as an option. What is it that you would really do if you were free to choose your career? Who do you think is stopping you from achieving that? What are the obstacles you will face? 


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Imagine yourself in the career you have thought of. How do you look? Happy, content and satisfied are a few words that you should be defining it. You wouldn't want to be doing something that you are just doing it for the sake of  it. You eventually will be less productive. For I have seen a couple of people who would want to leave their work and do something else if they could. You definitely that is not what you imagine yourself as. The difference in them and the people who actually love what they do are so much happier, and productive. They have a happy face when you see them whether it is Monday or Friday. So visualize yourself  and provide reasons why you see yourself in that position? 


So what will your plans be if you want to achieve the career you think is best for you. How will you make a position for yourself in that field. It is very harsh to say but people only remember the best. How will you become the best in what you choose? What sacrifices are you willing to make? Now that you have a career in your mind, what are the plans that you are going to make to reach where you have imagined yourself?  You cannot shoot when you don't know what to aim at. So once you know what you are aiming at you should know what is needed in order to go for the bull"s eye. 


Dedication by Ferdian M. R on DribbbleNo matter what you choose dedication towards your choice will always help you reach what you have aimed for. When it comes to being dedicated, it is always easy when you have chosen something that you like but if the career you have chosen is something that is out of your comfort zone, one tends slack off after a few try. But once you decide to rise above the excuses you will definitely see a difference. Quitting after a few tries is very normal but it the rare group that sticks to their choice through thick and thin and their name is written down in golden board. 

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