All girls are beautiful. They blossom if given the right place, attention, care and love. Yet many of you may wonder whether she is good for you or not. Just as girls wonder. Have you found the one or are you still looking for the one. People have different faces which comes out at different level of time. Here are a few things that would help you appreciate the one you have or the one you will have. Trust me she will have flaws but they will be as beautiful as her heart is. These aren't all of the characters that defines someone as a keeper but these definitely are the ones you don't want to miss out on.

1,000+ Free Dog & Animal Illustrations - Pixabay1. She is kind:
First thing first, kindness never goes out of style. Find a girl who is kind to people who can do nothing for her. Towards animals, because if she can understand the ones who have no voice she definitely will understand the one who can express. For only a kind person will stay beside you in your thick and thin. She will always go out of her way to do things for people cares. Eventually making the environment around her very warm and loving. Even when you cannot buy her expensive things she will be content with simple gestures that you do for her. 

2. She feels like home:
4-Designer | Cartoon hugging lovers
If she feels like home to you. When I say home I mean comfort, safety, protection and belonging. Is she someone you can be who you are with? Is she someone who you think of when you are sad, troubled or in pain? And is she someone you would want to go, at the end of day. Like that is where you are supposed to be. Is she your calm? If you had a name in your head of someone when you were reading all these then maybe she is. 

3. She sets your dreams on flight:

Why Do People Dream?Do you feel comfortable talking to her about the dreams you had when you were a child? Can you easily talk to her about the dreams that you have now?And if she looks at your dreams and stands by you until you fulfill them. You should definitely keep her. She is that one person who will never laugh at you even if it is you who think that your dream is way out of your reach, or too high for you, she will put all her faith in you. Even when you are in a struggling phase she will stay beside you. 

4. She respects you:
A Guy Who Respects You Will Respect Your Standards — No Need To ...She respects herself and she respects you. Not just in your presence but in your absence too. Not just when you are in love but  even when you both don't see eye to eye with the other one. She wouldn't let your flaws out in front of her friends rather she would bring out the best in you in front of them. So she teaches her friends to respect you too. You pride is something she will protect even when you both aren't in good terms.

5. She will challenge you:
Yes, she challenges you to become the best version of yourself. You may feel that is too much to ask but she is in love with herself, she isn't depending on you to love her and make her feel good about it. Everyone says she is your reflection but the right one will make you hers. which is why you are compelled to do things for her that she doesn't do for herself. Maybe learning a little more about the subject she struggles in even if it isn't your favorite. May be running that extra mile so that she challenges herself too. Here, it isn't about a competition but helping each other grow by letting them know what they actually are capable of.

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