Hello, beautiful souls. Pandemic and staying back at home has given us an ample amount of time to think and also brought out fear of being alone. Some have faced it while some couldn't. I recently had an encounter with a very old friend of mine and thought of how this encounter could help you all. She was someone we all knew was very strong and who was indeed capable of taking care of herself but this time when I met her, I could sense something was so different about her. I initiated the talk and I found out she was going through a phase of breakup. So I understood her and just sat there listening. I could sense and figure out how many of us make the same mistakes. One of which is rushing to another relationship right away and coming out of it in a more disastrous way. So here are a few reason why you shouldn't do that.

1. Patterns

Science Says There's a Simple Reason You Keep Thinking Negative ...This may not be very new to you, but it is something that usually goes unnoticed. You tend to follow a certain pattern when in comes to falling in love or out of it. Do you think like why do I attract the same kind of people? It is mostly because you haven't cut the pattern and done anything new. Somewhere we have unknowingly we have followed the same traits for a real long time. Some tend to stick in the victim zone and all they attract is someone who wants to be a Savior and feels goods about. Sometimes, one tends seek validation on everything about them, only to get disheartened after a while. It isn't easy but not impossible to change your thoughts. This takes me to my another sub topic that is importance of choosing the right thoughts.

2. Thoughts:
Do thoughts even matter? - Three Principles LivingIf the relation ends on a wrong note, you will question everything about yourself and this isn't a phase to be entering into another relationship because you are moving on with the same thoughts, of being incapable, of not being beautiful enough, of not being worth loving, and many more. Love isn't something that needs to break you down in a way that even the word haunts you for a long time rather it is something that is Universal. Change the negatives into positive. When ever you think, you need more love, send it. If it is your confidence that is shattered, work on it. If it is you feeling worthless, do things what made you proud of yourself. Remember only a filled cup spills, so fill yourself with love. Change the way you look and think about yourself. Rest will eventually fall in place.

3. Your Next isn't an option:

What Does It Mean To Be Engaged? - NST Pictures PhilippinesIf you were hurt, doing that to someone else doesn't make it right in any sense. Yes, this is obvious that we want to come out as the strong one, who doesn't seems to be bothered e.t.c but your little soul bears it all.  the other person has a heart that might have loved you genuinely. Why break it for them if you weren't ready? Aren't you a little selfish if you want to drain them to fill yourself? Don't do something to someone you wouldn't want to be done to you. So before the next comes heal yourself in such a way that you don't carry the pain of the last relationship to the next one. You deserve the best you so does your next. You will only be more and more prone to your own insecurities and that can be a reason for you ending another relation that could have been the best one you had.

4. Good out of everything wrong:

Grass sky after the rain Rainbow Bridge Stock Photo free downloadSometimes, wrong relationship only teaches you what you want and what you don't. So make it clear. Once you start loving yourself, when you validate yourself, when you realize that you are worthy of everything good and all this has nothing to do with any other person but you, your changed inner consciousness from that of victims to that of a person filled with love. Trust me, you wouldn't want to stop loving yourself. You realize that the other person is just a companion, but you both will be two different individuals and this doesn't concern you much. You become less judgmental and more accepting of the other person because that is what you know and you know how to do it. So sit down, write down all the good that happened because of something that went terribly wrong. And once you are ready move on to next tip.

5. Forgive and forget:

20 Heartbreaking Quotes About Cheating — Do You Decide To Forgive ...I know, you all have texted me and also denied on this step when I wrote something about forgiveness on my previous posts. Remember you are soul that is very peaceful, very loving and generous. Forgiveness is a part of you. For you know that no other person thinks like the way you do. Today, you may feel like all they did was wrong but today itself is the right day to tell yourself you cannot control what they do but how you make yourself feel after that is totally up to you. Yes, it is up to you. If you want to feel painful and miserable or you want to rise above and be who you are. The soul that knows that other soul isn't them. A few people do find it easy to forgive but they don't forget what has happened. Well, taking the lesson with you is amazing but taking the thought of the person along with the lesson isn't. You want to let them be. Forgetting is more like realizing, people are only the path your soul takes in order to move ahead. You cannot forget people but forget that they wronged you. Just send the vibration towards them that they didn't look at you or the situation how the new you looks at. Let others be, many of us need to forgive ourselves for letting someone validate us, letting someone else saying we are worthy of being loved and many more. How we see ourselves is how we present ourselves as well.

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