Well, the famous word social distancing and
Lockdown did create a lot of changes in my life. From having to shift during lockdown and also working on the field made me feel like lockdown couldn't lock me down. This also meant I wasn't supposed to go home, one because of the lockdown and second because we didn't know who was a carrier or was infected with Corona, as of nobody has tested positive yet there remains a fear and going home with this fear would be more of a guilt. But somehow I have always liked the rainbow after the rain. Social distancing turned out a little more better than how I expected. I hope a you get the message I am trying to pass.

1. Got in touch with my inner self:

I had almost forgotten that when running for things in life, I overlooked on the little soul of mine. This period of time did give me a chance to sit back and send love to my soul. The more I sat back and started instrospecting the more I realised about me. It did help me to give up old patterns that always repeated in my life. What changes were necessary, wasn't on the outside but that was needed within me. Many things were to be corrected, my thoughts, my imagination, my fears, e.t.c. started from the most basic memory I had and slowly moved forward. Meditation was of great help.

2. Got in touch with my interest:

As life was more like a race, I had forgotten to sit back and relax. So with Social distancing going on I found a good way to get in touch with the things that I was interested in. Well, I figured out a few of them were something should have tried a long time back and some weren't my cup of tea. You should definitely try things, well getting that hair colour done or may be the hair cut. It surely will be worth it. And if it goes wrong you have enough time to make it right. Owing to this lockdown I did find out hobbies that I like, a new habit which will stay with me from now on.

3. Got in touch with my routine:

For having to switch between two jobs and manage some time for myself. My life was a rush but slowly having to stay back at home. I figured out life would be so simple and easy if only I made some changes and started sticking to it. From waking up a little early to sleeping on time. From eating healthy to taking care of my skin on regular basis. With heavy makeup and continuous use of it, my skin was screaming to me but things have changed a lot.

4. Got a push in refining my cooking skill:

With all the time in hand I started utilising it cooking skills, there were times when I cooked something that tasted  nothing like it was supposed while other times I surprised myself. This time could be the right time to learn to cook and not for anybody but for yourself. Even if it is just basic but make sure you know how to.
order to make the most out of. I improved a little in my

5. Got an idea of what really matters:

This phase has been really hard on all of us. At the same time it has taught me what are the things that actually matters, what are the basic things that I actually need in order to survive. How important our family is, how important our time is for today could be what we only had. How respecting mother Earth is important and how we never were a good children of hers. We really should learn to differentiate between our need and our wants. It will too late if we don't do that now. Materialism has taken so much of us. In order to show them, for better feed, for better followers we all are guilty of faking it. Let's value the feeling of genuiness.

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