As 2020 approached I decided to start "Lesson Of  the  Day" journal, I wanted to count my blessings by the end of the month. Little did I know that this lessons would change me in a good term. Little did I know that I was so blessed and I would like to say that I  appreciate all your likes, suggestions, criticism and most importantly "YOU". Past few months have been about lessons, learning, growth, healing, appreciation and love. So here are a few of my lesson of the day and I really hope these will be helpful for you too.

Anger is easy it is Patience that is
How often do we find ourselves guilty of this? We all have reasons, or a person or a situation to blame why we got angry. But the main culprit is us, who couldn't keep calm.

Clear the chart.

Forgive them and yourself as well. Let someone or something not hold you back nor hold them back from the amazing future ahead. Everyone deserves a clear chart.

Keep your white clothes aside:

Never, I repeat never soak any other colours with your whites. You really don't want your white pants turned green or maybe even a mix of the hues of other colours.

Think twice before your speak:

You wouldn't want to damage something beautiful because you spoke before you even thought how it would impact the other one. We don't know their battle, may be they are one push away the break. You wouldn't want to be the one to break them. Our parents have lived more than half of their lives thinking about us, they never show that our words hurt them but they do.

Mascara goes at last:

Trust me, I am always on the go, mostly not because I am always busy but because I tend to underestimate the power of time. So getting ready when you are late becomes a little more irritating when your mascara smudges all around. So put all the stuffs and before leaving do the Mascara. This hack has saved me a lot of time.

Make and stick to your decision:

See, usually we follow what others tell us to do and it kind of comes out much safer in long run because you can blame them easily if it turns out wrong. So, do something that you want to do, even if you take suggestions, just know you had full choice of not taking it, don't blame them and keep them crippled with a guilt of how things turned out for you.

Accept your feelings:

May it be good or bad. Know that it is ok to feel them. You cannot deny and prove that they don't exist. They do.

Wait before you react:

I totally understand how couple of times we react about something and then realize that it had no reasons to make us feel like that. But because of our own insecurities, our own denial of certain emotions, of our way of perception of things. So when things are happening we really need to wait before bursting out in rage.

9. It is okay:

We aren't perfect, that wasn't how we were supposed to be neither. So let's learn to accept that in ourselves as well as in others. We all are learning. This takes me to another point.

10. Accept:

We can only change ourselves, and can only suggest the rest. Acting on the suggestion is totally their choice. The more we learn to Accept ourselves  and our flaws. We are at peace.

Top 10 Lesson of the Day feel free to add if you have some more and do let me know in the comment's section which is your favourite one.

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Unknown said…
Making descision and stciking by it has never been my cup of tea.
I really need to improve myself😅
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