This isn't a myth that men don't understand women, from thousands of movies being made or 100s of novels being written on the same topic yet we read it we forget it as soon as we do. Today I took a handful of women into account and asked them ' what according to them are the  'things men don't understand about women?' Everyone went up and about of so many things, of how the world is changing but a few things are still that of not so good old times. Here are the top 5 of what they said.

How expect logic and reason:

Yes, there are times we don't know why we feel low. There is no reason behind that and even if there is we don't know anything about it. So just let us be or if you want to be part of it don't tell us to be logical or to find reason. No, don't give us any reasons as well. Just let us be.

That you just assume things:

Let us stop assuming that whatever woman do is something they are supposed to. No, women weren't raised to cook, clean, look after you 24/7. Trust me, if you appreciate her a little more, be grateful for the morning tea, be thankful the way she does things that you forget to notice. She will bloom. Don't just assume that she will cook, or do the dishes just because she is a woman. She eventually will because she puts everyone else before her but she deserves a little respect from you.

Why she changed?

Even she will not realise that she has changed but haven't you changed too? She will not blame you. For she will do things just to make it easier for you. But do you remember when did you buy her flowers or gave her, her favourite chocolates? We always see how others change, we forget to see how we change. She isn't the glam Queen you once dated? Of course when she hardly gets time for herself what more do you expect. She will afterall be your reflection.If you give her the right place to bloom trust me she will. Don't just tell that she nags you all the time while all you do is be engrossed in your cellphone.

Why she takes forever:

Be it getting ready or shopping almost everyone is guilty of saying that women take forever, but are we guilty of saying things like how she doesn't dress up, how you bring up the talk of woman who dress well, no, not blaming you, even you don't realise it yourself at times. She will walk out once she feels confident. If  you love her, you shouldn't mind waiting a little more. Instead of ranting about it like in movies, why don't you help her get ready or clean the mess while she is getting ready. For you don't even know that your presence makes her so happy, nothing she purchases will give her that happiness. She doesn't want to just buy anything, you don't know how she has to feel like that one thing is 'her'. Rather you can help her with planning what are the things you all want. It is easy for her to sway away when she finds better things while shopping, or maybe something what she can save a little on.This is where you can subtly hint what is more needed right now. 

That she will never put Herself first:

She will buy what you were thinking of, but not what she really needs at the moment. She will say a couple of time that she needs it but she will put everyone else's needs and even wants before her. But you will not understand that why she goes around and about of having to buy something for herself for so long. Many get angry about it but only a few see that she needs someone to think of her first like she does about others. So next time she says she needs something, don't wait, just it buy it for her. She will not just remember this for a long time but also will feel valued.

There are a number of other things that women feel men don't understand at all, what are the things that you think we don't understand about you. Feel free to comment.

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Anonymous said…
Many a times men think that cooking activities done by women is trivial work which anybody can does! but if it comes to do by their end someday, they feel like they are doing the most important and most hectic work ever!
Unknown said…
You spoke the hearts of many womens out there sis.❤
Prabin Rai said…
Now, I think it can work!
Anonymous said…
I am pleased to read this post. Now I can surely be a good friend.
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