Hello everybody. Hope you are doing good. First of all thank you for all the love and messages. It feels amazing to be loved by you. Life is surprising me. I hope it is doing so to you too. I also know why these changes have come in my life. I wouldn't say everything is destined but a few of them happened because I changed some of my habits before going to bed. I didn't realise but in long run they did started making changes on their own. Here are a few things that you should Stop doing before bed.

1. Stop using phone:

Falling asleep with the phone has become a normal thing for us. It was for me as well. From movies to social media. All I did was jump from one app to another. Unknowingly I was feeding my mind things I did not want to happen and complained in real life when they did. Before going to bed I personally started meditating, owing to the kind of  mind that doesn't settle down at all; it was a hard task but with guided meditation that are provided in YouTube have been of a great help. I started repeating affirmations, the ones that I wanted to happen. For a couple of times I did wanted to go back to my old habits, but when I started seeing the changes I knew what was to be done.

2. Feeding your mind:

Stop feeding your mind what you don't want to happen in your life. Have you ever felt like you sit there complaining about how you attract negativity is in your life and the thing you feed your mind before going to bed is something negative happening either in real, stories or just in movies.

3. Keeping things for tomorrow:

Be it as simple as not washing your utensils to something as grave a fight. Do it today and now. Don't drag it to the next day and lose beautiful hours. You definitely don't want to wake up to having a heavy heart or tired mind that has to start the day with the residue of the previous night.

4. Overthink:

Totally guilty of  over thinking, but I got lesser time to do so when I started making plans from something as simple as what I will be wearing tomorrow, to how I want my day turn out and what I need to do for it. For example not dragging the problem of today, ending or concluding things. Setting a goal for tomorrow, did help me a lot.

5. Eating:

Well, eating right before bed, it definitely isn't healthy. For due to hectic schedule I used to sleep right after eating but once I stopped doing that I saw how my sleep patterns changed and how my body did. My system somehow started falling in place. 

I hope once you stop doing the things mentioned above before bed, you will also be able see the changes I saw in myself.

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