After the morning routine I sit and slide the E-newspaper of Summit Times on my phone and I quickly scan the news not wanting it to sink in my conscience. My favourite portion has alway been the write-ups from the editor and the horoscope. The first thing I see there on my horoscope is "Hurt people, hurt people" and I couldn't agree more. We are in the era where the term 'survival' is taking a greater meaning. Trust is losing is essence as more and more people easily doubt the other and many doubt themselves too. One cannot be blamed for doing so too for the situation is so uncertain. As we do get so much of time with ourselves, our brain does give us ample of moments that weren't quite favourable and instead of making peace with it, one tends to dwell more on the negativity. That turns you sour enough to be compared with the Lemon. One person might have hurt you some few years back but the resentment you are holding hurts you, your present and the people who stood by you till now. 
Today let's start and make a difference by letting go and forgiving (if you haven't) the situations that weren't our favourite (don't forget that your soul had to go through those situations to shed away the outer cover that was covering the shine), people who we think didn't do right to you ( who are we to control what they do? Their decision at that moment was correct according to them and they are definitely at peace, let them be in peace). 
Remember it is only empty hands that receive. 
It is high time you understand that you are worth so much, and no one else can make you feel so if you don't start it yourself. The people around you have been through thick and thin and in no way do they deserve to see you suffer about something that isn't under your control. Let's change the hurt into love. Let's fill the cup and help others fill theirs too.
People full with love only know how to give love.

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