So here it is, the importance of breather in one's life. As you know, I try to bring my own genuine experience to my posts inorder to be of some help to you. As the pandemic is still on the go and so is our lives. From teaching online to reading news at the end of the day, I have kept myself super busy. But eventually that took the toll on me. The only thought I started having was that I wanted to be invisible because whatever efforts I was putting in was not enough, what I thought was my best wasn't my best either. I was still doing it but not the way it was supposed to be done. I, then realised that I was drained mentally, which started reflecting on my face so in my words and in my aura. I would have taken a trip or something had the situations been ok but I had to figure another way out. Here are the few things I did that has brought immense and immediate results.


I started my day according to my day planner. Somewhere this gave me in an immense pleasure to be in control of my life. It did take a little time to get adjusted to following it but once I did, it was of a great help.

2. Breathe:

What is a breather without some time to just sit and breathe, not the involuntary way rather being aware of it and doing it in more peaceful way. I kept any work related assignments, projects, corrections away for sometime. Rather than slogging my way out of it and wasting hours on it. I sat down and took some me time and I was amazed to see I was much more productive and could complete work in a shorter duration too. I realized I keep reminding myself there is so much to do every other second that was only making me more pressurised and less effective. So everytime these thoughts tend to overpower me. I just took a step back and sat down inhaling and exhaling.

3. Both legs on one ship:

I have had habit of touching everything and not getting even one done on time. So I started moving towards start one move on to next task only when I completed previous one and in no time I saw the difference. The work got done on time.This wasn't just the thing that changed I became much more calm and peaceful.

4. More Inspired:

Yes, once the things got done . It gave me a feeling of achievement. It added more to my want to do and get things done. This feeling was so different than that of having the feeling to get things done and putting more pressure on myself.

5. Add a little touch of fun:

Playing music in background, maybe even dancing a little, singing along or maybe just acting like you are singing. Do what makes you happy more often. Sweet little breaks in between gives you a little more joy to do things. Know your style. What is it that you like? Get the harder things done first? Or is it you start with the easy ones? Or mix the both?
Know yourself a little better and you will get more things done.

6. Now or never:

You know you have to do it no matter what. 10 days before or maybe 1 hour before. So why waste time. A journey of 1000 steps also begins with a single step the only matter of thing is when are you going to take it? 

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