As teaching has moved from Classroom to Bedroom, things have changed so drastically. Let's not forget about the battery and storage always running out. We teachers now a days have new friends, charging point and a power bank. This change in my life has taught me a few lessons that has shaped me into a better human. Here are the lessons I hope these may resonate with you all and help you as it has helped me. 

1. What I see:

What I see doesn't always have to be how others see too. For I take time to get ready sit in front of the camera feeling confident but there is this one child in whose camera I look like a ugly duck. This taught me that I really need to be comfortable with myself because people will view me from their level of looking at someone or something and it has nothing to do with me.

2. Trust is Earned:

If a regular child states that she has a network issues we tend to understand but when the student who is joining the class for the first because of good connection that day we tend to think that he is just making an excuse. This taught me that if one keeps being persistent in his or her actions one tends to trust them eventually.

3. Vulnerability:

Being vulnerable isn't bad, letting them know that your flaws make you who you are and you appreciating them tends to decrease the number of students who turn their camera off. You don't just teach them subject's lesson, you also teach them compassion towards self and others. Taking a few minutes from class and sharing how you are doing what are the problems you are facing and heariy what they have to say will help them be much interested in your class as they feel connected to you.

4. Creativity at its best:

Now the same old ways don't work anymore. For these students are in their home, any little thing can be big enough to distract them so teaching with a touch of creativity keeps them hooked.
From simple talks to ppt, videos, handwritten notes sketches, dramas and what not.

5. High level spirit:

There are many reasons and sometimes they all add up to bring you down and even break you but you have to be stronger than you are expected to. Your desire to teach has to be stronger than the strongest reason that can break you down. Even if the point is valid and reason is
genuine most of the time we will end up looking like we are just making an excuse so that leaves you with nothing but giving your best of the best in no matter what circumstances you are in. For as I always felt you are the one who has to be satisfied with your work first. So let start the class only after keeping our personal issues aside.

6. Empathy:

From teaching in my rented room with no hindrance to teaching from my home, with one thing or the other happening and your pets wanting your attention all the time, I have become empathetic as I understand all these children have a totally different scene going on at home. So excusing them once or twice wouldn't do much harm. 

7. Starting and Ending:

This has been my personal favourite ever since I joined the profession. How I start my class matters as much as how I end it. As we are at our home, and we understand how it can change from calm to chaotic over a second. We also know sometimes we are going through emotional disasters, as many of the students I teach are all teenagers who are already confused with what is going on and having someone who can understand you makes a huge difference. So start your class with a positive note, and end it with a positive note. Sometimes through out the day that is the only thing that helps them.

8. Appreciate:

Appreciate yourself for you are doing what you can but most importantly appreciate them. Help them be comfortable enough to ask you questions. Give them the space to make mistakes; they will learn more from it. Talk about how much you liked the work they are doing. It will help them do better.


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