Lesson Plan:                                                                                  No. of classes allotted: 

Class: IX                                                                                        Time period: 


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Learning Outcomes

What we want the learners to know, understand and be able to do.


The child will be able to appreciate the text, understands the characters and can do a character sketch, tries to find a story with similar theme and draws comparison, they will understands feeling of attachment and share their own ideas of attachment with the poem. They will be able to summarize the chapter, write slogans and create advertisement. sub-skills : writing, paragraph

Learning Ladder Assessment Content

He/she will be able to comprehend the theme of the story, be able to explain new/difficult words, any literary devices used in the chapters, get inspired/develop their imaginative skill, learn how animals communicate through gestures by the lesson, to understand the type of story (open ended or closed ended) The tone of the story, the grammar portion within the story,

Lesson duration

40 minutes

Resources needed

“A bond of Love” Beehive chapter ix, class ix

Lesson Activities [10 minutes]

Charades, students to act out different kinds attributes of communication through gestures. To understand how the pets communicate the non verbal communication.

Ask them "when I say a pet what comes to their mind and why?"

What animal may be the pet in the story?

Showing pictures to the class and letting them come up with the story based on their own imagination




[10 minutes]

Introductory activity

Reading out loud by the one student and followed by the rest of the class. To find out the words and how they have been used in the chapter


[10 minutes]

Main activity: to assign the students paragraphs and tell ask them to explain it to their friends and the listeners will raise questions. They can add to what their friends might have left. The teacher can help summarize what the students might have left.




Ask the students to explain their attachment with pets, asks them to work in pair and discuss what responsibility comes with having a pet of their own, how many of them have asked for a pet and what were the results. After reading the story what has changed in them, we can tell them to write slogans to stop killing animals



Key competencies

Collaboration, Communication, Critical Thinking, Creative Thinking, Emotional Development, Social Responsibility



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