Lesson Plan:           The Necklace, Footprints                                     without feet, Chapter 7        No. of classes 
allotted:                    3

Class:                       X                                              Time period: 40 Minutes


Learning Outcomes

What we want the learners to know, understand and be able to do.


The child will be able to appreciate the text, tries to relate the story in personal level. 

Understands the themes and the lesson the chapter wants to part.

sub-skills : writing a paragraph, completing a story. 

Learning Ladder Assessment Content

He/she will be able to comprehend the theme of the story, be able to explain new/difficult words, any literary devices used in the chapters, get inspired/develop their imaginative skill, learn what the essence of the story is,  understand the type of story (open ended or closed ended) The tone of the story, the grammar portion within the story,

Lesson duration

40 minutes

Resources needed

 The Necklace, Footprints without feet, Chapter 7, Class X

Lesson Activities [10 minutes]

Showing pictures to the class and letting them come up with the story based on their own imagination. 

Ask them what the story might be based on the pictures.




[10 minutes]

Introductory activity:

Discussion on the topics they mentioned, and skimming the chapter if they can find the similar words they discussed.


[10 minutes]

Main activity: to assign the students paragraphs and tell ask them to explain it to their friends and the listeners will raise questions. They can add to what their friends might have left. The teacher can help summarize what the students might have left.




Ask the students as to why this chapter has been included in their curriculum and why not in any other classes.

What are the things they could comprehend.



Key competencies

Collaboration, Communication, Critical Thinking, Creative Thinking, Writing 

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