NOTICE: A notice is a short piece of formal writing used to inform the concerned person(s) about something important. It is used widely in organizations to announce upcoming events, warnings, an invitation to a meeting, etc.


    the name of the organization/authority issuing the notice

    the title saying ‘NOTICE’

    the current date (Can either be on the extreme left or extreme right)

    a heading/title to introduce the subject of the notice (center aligned)

    the body of the notice (left-aligned)

    the writer’s signature, name (in block letters), and designation (left-aligned)

    A well-written notice is that which informs readers about these 5 Ws.

    What is going to happen (i.e. the event)?

    Where will it take place?

    When will it happen (i.e. date and time)?

    Who are eligible for it?

    Whom to contact for further information (i.e. the issuing authority)?


    Mention the word ‘NOTICE’ at the top of the Notice.

    Make sure to write a notice in the box always.

    Only formal language must be used to write a notice.

    Compulsorily mention the notice issuing organization’s name.

    Your heading/title/subject line must be short, simple, and meaningful.

    Mention who is the target group that the notice is trying to attract.

    Mention the date, venue, and time on the notice.

    Always end the notice with the signature and name of the notice issuing person

Purpose: Notices are primarily used to grab the attention of the staff towards special matters. It also plays an important role in ending legal contracts such as employment contracts.

Notices are displayed about:

    Inviting everyone for meeting

    New procedures or new rules to be initiated or followed

    Social events to be held

    Advertisements for internal appointments

    Reminders of company procedures

    Report on the matter of interest


    Deadlines about any particular job assigned.





You are the Head Boy/Head Girl of a school, and you have to issue a notice about a meeting for the Annual Day function, and we shall draft a notice together.


                                                         Public School, Vadodara, Gujarat


28 January 2023

                                                        Meeting for Annual Day Programme

Our school will be organizing its 30th Annual Day on 25th December, 2022. Students who want to take part in the Annual Day are requested to report at the Auditorium Hall tomorrow (29th January, 2023) at 12:30 p.m., i.e., after the lunch break. Please note that the class time shall be adjusted to form a Zero Period for cultural  practice sessions. Two lunches should be carried to the school.

For further queries please contact the undersigned.

Signature XYZ, Delhl





You are Avant!Avinash. As Secretary of Students’ Forum you want to start a Wall Magazine for the students of the school. Write a notice inviting articles, stories, poems and campus-news for the Wall-Magazine.


Students’ Forum



28 January  2023

                                                  Platform for the hidden talents

It is proposed to launch a Wall Magazine outside the Senior Common Room. This will help in churning out the creative and literary talents of students.

Items : Articles, stories, poems

Length : Not more than 400 words

Size : Foolscap Paper with margin

Date of Submission : 5th of Every month

Contact : Vani, XIA; coordinator









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