A Lesson Plan for "A Triumph of Surgery"

Objective: To analyze and understand the story "A Triumph of Surgery" by James Herriot and its themes.


  • Copy of the short story "A Triumph of Surgery" by James Herriot
  • Whiteboard and markers
  • Handout with guided questions and analysis prompts
  • Computers or tablets with internet access

Introduction (10 minutes):

  1. Begin by introducing James Herriot as a writer and veterinarian. Share some information about his life and work.
  2. Ask students if they have ever had a pet or know someone who has had a pet. Discuss the importance of taking care of animals.
  3. Introduce the short story "A Triumph of Surgery" and give some context about the plot and setting.
  4. Explain the objective of the lesson and what students will be expected to learn.

Guided Reading and Analysis (30 minutes):

  1. Distribute the handout with guided questions and analysis prompts.
  2. Instruct students to read "A Triumph of Surgery" independently, taking notes as they read.
  3. Once everyone has finished reading, have students work in pairs to discuss their thoughts and responses to the questions on the handout.
  4. Lead a class discussion using the guided questions and analysis prompts as a guide. Encourage students to share their thoughts and opinions, and ask follow-up questions to deepen their understanding of the story.

Extension Activity (30 minutes):

  1. Ask students to research the history of veterinary medicine and its evolution over time.
  2. Instruct them to create a timeline or infographic showcasing the key milestones in veterinary medicine, including important figures and breakthroughs.
  3. Have students present their timelines/infographics to the class.

Closure (10 minutes):

  1. Summarize the key themes and ideas of "A Triumph of Surgery".
  2. Ask students to reflect on what they have learned and how it relates to their own lives.
  3. Provide time for any final questions or comments.

Assessment: Students will be assessed on their participation in class discussion, their completion of the guided questions and analysis prompts, and their presentation of their timeline/infographic

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