Key Factors of the chapter: Pocahontas

1. Main Character : Pocahontas

2. Father: Powhatan, chief of the Powhatan confederacy.

3. Brother: Nantaquas

4.Mode of Survival: Hunting, Fishing and Farming.

5. Arrival of ships

6. In them the white people come.

7. With them comes the fear associated with the whites.

8. Fear of having to lose ones land, lakes,rivers, forest and even having to lose 

the people they held dear to.

9. Captain John Smith along with his crew wanted to establish a small settlement

In Chesapeake Bay. Hoping to find gold, silver and to find a shorter river route to Pacific Ocean.

10. They built some huts, a storehouse and a church.

11. But Chesapeake bay wasn't what they had expected to be.

The land was marshy and the water they drank from the river was muddy and salty.

12. Not knowing much about farming, food storage and organised labour.

Many had died because of the unhealthy water, shortage of food and disease-carrying mosquitoes.

13. The natives and the whites start to trade with each.

They exchange food with tools.

14. But they weren't friends, they still attacked each other if they were found alone.

15. In the same way Captain Smith gets caught and Pocahontas saves his life.

16. Pocahontas and Captain Smith becomes friends.

17. He teaches her English and she teaches him her native language.

18. Pocahontas is able to get the natives that were held captive out of Jamestown.

19. The trade didn't last long as the drought had lead to less productivity of food.

So Powhatan didn't wanted to share at the sake of his own people.

20. Once again, Pocahontas helps the Whites to survive by convincing her father to 

Give food to the Whites.

21. But when more and more ship keeps coming in, Powhatan gives up.

22. To negotiate, captain meets the chief.

But the chief has a plan of killing him but Pocahontas once again saves him.

23. He goes back England.

24. The war starts.

25. Pocahontas is send to another tribe (Potomac tribe), in order to stay away from harm.

But the turn of events take place when she is held captive by Captain Argall. He was able to do so as the people of Pocahontas sold her off to Captain Argall for just a copper kettle and some coloured beads.

26. Pocahontas was taken back to Jamestown as a captive but people there loved her for they knew she had saved Captain Smith twice and help them during the hard times.

27. She was slowly being converted into an English Woman.

The way she dressed, the way she followed the English manners and customs.

28. Captain Argall wanted  his men and the tools the natives had stolen back in replace of Pocahontas.

29. Powhatan send the 7 English prisoners but didn't send the tools and weapons.

30. They eventually stopped negotiating on the topic as well.

31. Pocahontas was still a captive but she was not unhappy.

32. She got converted into Christianity and was named Rebecca.

33. In April 1614, she married John Rolfe and this union bought the native Americans and the White ones in unison and peace prevailed in  both the communities.

34. She was the first native woman to get married with a white man.

35. She became a renowned personality after that and was well sought after by great personalities.

She goes to England and meets Smith after many years.

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