Sigmund Freud
said "Time spent with cats is never wasted."
Cats are known to be selfish, aloof, self centered . Honestly who doesn't like some "ME" time right.
If you are considering a cat for a pet then you are on the right path to happiness.
Five reason why cats are better.

1. They are independent:

Cats aren't hard to take care of. They can take care of themselves. Even if you are out all day, you will find your cat probably napping when you come back. They are satisfied with the little attention you are able to provide.

2. They are always clean:

Its the strict regime they follow. They lick clean themselves very often. So the burden of giving them baths reduces to once in a while. If your cat is bushy and has long hairs you need to help him clean himself  by combing it.

3. They are easy to train:

Cats do not do potty in the open. So the pain of cleaning after your pet is done vanishes. They are super easy to be trained to use litter boxes. They use their sense of smell and usually do their jobs at the same place. So if your cat has done it outside the boxes you need to use a strong smell to wash it off so that you prevent him from doing it in the wrong place.

4. They do their own exercise:

They stretch every once in a while. They take proper naps. So usually the problem of walking your pet around lessens with the cat. They keep themselves so much entertained that they entertain you too.

5. They are friendly and lovable:

You can leave your child around the cat it will keep the baby busy and wont hurt the baby. They only attack when in threat. They are royal creatures who like to showoff sitting on a window pane



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