Sometimes we look at couples and get that relationship goals. We wish our relation was as perfect as theirs. Most of the times we don't realize what went wrong that things had to end. If you want your relation to last longer. Have relation people admire of. You should always understand that all relation are different and beautiful in their own way. Here are few  tips you should follow to strengthen your relation. a strong relation always gives relation goals to others. The addition to this version has been given in the following link The Ideal Couple

1. Communication:

No I do not mean hundred messages on Whatsapp, fifty direct messages on Instagram, sharing screenshots. When I say communication I mean the real face to face conversation. Ask how the day passed by for them. If they ate well. Hug them, show affection. Put your words into action. Have an hour a day with no electronic devices. This will help you strengthen your bond with your partner.When you are in long distance relation make sure to have some face time.

2. Trust:

Whether long distance relationship or relation where you meet everyday.This aspect can make your relation or break it. Trust, just five letter words but the core foundation of relation. You both will be at ease when your person trusts you. You will be careful not to do things that will break the trust of your partner. Trust once broken is very hard to earn back. Trust provides healthy space to you and your partner.

3. Realizing that no relation is perfect:

The world has been taken over by the digital age where you know what the other is doing, just with one click.There they are the perfect couples whose social sites are filled with lovely pictures of them having fun.

The reality can be different from what we see. You are looking at a part that they want to show. They don't go all over social sites making announcement of how you fought the other night. How you have been fighting for a decade now.

They highlight the good part whereas others highlight the broken and bad part of their relation. Even the best do have misunderstandings, fights, disagreement for it is obvious that any two individual will have different set of ideas for same thing.
They put their differences behind and brings out their best part to be seen by others

4. Encouragement:
When you are in a relationship your partner is more emotionally attached to you then others. Therefore your little nudge for them towards the thing they aspire will mean so much. You will help each other grow. You should never discourage them even while joking. He/she will feel hurt to a very long extent.

5. Respect:

One of the very important aspect of a strong relation. Respect is earned not begged for. When you respect your partner that is a greatest form of love you are giving them. You love them but they earn their respect by doing things when they promised to do it, being honest, making time to eat with you, putting equal effort towards the relation as you are and any more .

6. Honesty:

You can create an illusion by lying but when one finds out the truth {apart from surprise party}, they will be hurt.
Your partner will blame themselves and things will go sour but when you are honest things may be problematic but it will cool down soon. As the other thinks you chose to be honest. They will trust you more and respect you more. Be honest about your finance.

These are just a few one to help you.

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