We grew up watching the zero figure female actors and well built male actors. We cannot blame ourselves for wanting to be like them. Beauty is leveled. You are given a box full of concept of beauty apart from which isn't. Nobody told us we were fine except our mothers whom we saw fighting her own battle with the stretch marks after our birth.
Here are few tips that will help you fall in love with your body just the way it is.

1. Break the notion of ugly:

No, nothing is ugly depends on how one perceives the thing. You are beautiful the way you are. Break the negativity that has been passed on to you from your childhood days. When they said you are too skinny, too fat, too tall, too short. You have grown with comments being passed and your only fault was you accepted it and made it happen.Today we will break it. Lets look in the mirror. Look at the beautiful vessel your soul has chosen to be. You are valued by your soul.

2. Change the attitude:

No one is perfect. The person you idolized for so long is also fighting a battle of her own. Change your attitude towards yourself. Learn to love your body. Every aspect of it. Today stand in front of a mirror naked and look at the things you love about your self and remember people saying "I wish I had yours". You have flaws so does everybody but never let them outshine your good aspects. People will always look at the aspect you lack. It is up to you to keep looking for aspect you lack or strengthen the aspect you have and shine.

3. Act confident:

Yes, act confident until you really become confident. This confidence will come from your totally acceptance of your body. The more good you find about your body the better you feel and confident you become. Don't let people define what you are worth, they will go to the lowest they can. Only you know your true worth and can do justice with it. Compliment people, total strangers this will help you break the ice and have people notice you for a good reason.

4. Appearance:

Love your body. Groom yourself well. Present yourself to people when you are at your comfort zone. Dress well. Do not hide behind your clothes. People do take your image as your impression on them. Show them that you are comfortable with your body. You do not want to bore them with your "I hate myself , I have the worst body"talks right. Its not going to matter to them. They will only judge you for you low esteem.

5. Dance:

You can begin by dancing alone at home then with your friends in parties. Dance is one of the aspect that shows you are in love with your body. Comfortable in your own skin. So dance like no one cares. Like its the last time you are dancing. You will feel good. As it is you who needs to feel good.

6. Swim:

You do not need to be a pro swimmer.
Swimming usually allows you to accept yourself more. Slowly you stop feeling shape conscious when you swim for some time. You wear short clothes which means you no longer are hiding in your clothes. You start being comfortable changing clothes in one common room, a sign that you no longer care what people think.

7. Sports:

Apart from swimming and dancing any sport will help you fall in love with you body. You play in sports dress in front of people who do not even care but you do you should break the stigma from your consciousness of what people will say rather think of will i miss this opportunity of my life for my fear of what will people say. If I do not enjoy my only life, my only chance then who will? Live do not just exist.You fall when you play. It hurts . You become concerned with your body its a sign you are loving yourself.

8. Love:

Love yourself first only then people will learn to love you, accept you for who you are. Value you, respect you but only when you do it for yourself. Eat healthy and exercise. Love your body the way you want others to love it.

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